Stan: The Warrior was fishing while he was on the phone and driving two miles for the cell phone signal.

According to USA Today, Warrior’s new aid Willie Caley Stan said he was fishing in a place with bad cell phone signals when his agent called him to tell him that he had reached a franchise agreement with the Warrior. He had to drive two miles to find a better signal to answer his broker’s call.

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For some players, entering the free agent market for the first time may be nervous or even boring. For non-big-name freelancers, the waiting time in the free-agent market is longer.

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For Warriors New Aid Stan, he chose a new activity to kill his waiting time in the free-agent market, which was fishing until he got a call from his agent.

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I got a call from my agent. I was fishing in Bunny. Stan said, “I got a call from a broker who seemed to be asking,’Where are you? The warrior is calling you. I’m like this,’Wait a minute! I’m by the lake. I don’t have a signal here. So I had to drive two miles so that my cell phone signal would be better and I could talk on the phone. They told me they had reached an agreement with the Warriors, and I was like this,’Oh! How quickly this happened!’

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According to Shams-Charania, Stein and the Warriors have reached a super-cheap contract with a total salary of only $4.4 million over a two-year period, but Stein holds the player option for the second year of the contract.

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At the 2015 draft, Stan was selected by the King in the sixth place in the first round and has been playing in Sacramento ever since. Stan averaged 27.3 minutes last season, scoring 11.9 points and 8.4 rebounds, with a shooting percentage of 55.6%. This summer the King had offered Stan a qualified offer to become a restricted free agent and could choose to match any offer offered by other teams. But on the first day of the open market, the King withdrew the qualification offer and made Stan a full free agent.

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The meaning of the contract is clear. As a 25-year-old player, Stan is obviously not satisfied with his free-agent market this year. He wants to win a more lucrative contract through the springboard of Warriors when he becomes a free-agent again next summer.

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The magician and the management also had a very big conflict

Ingram also found out that there was a thrombus problem. You know, the most important thing was that the general manager, the magician and the management of the team also had a very big conflict. When the twitter incident occurred, the magician felt that the management of the Laker, the boss of the Laker was stabbing him in the back.

Basically, it can be said that this Laker in the post Kobe era is basically in the lowest state. James feels that Lao Zhang can’t bring an alarm clock when he comes, but the team seems to be too happy to bring it. Or is Lao Zhang injured? For the first time, after playing in the finals for so many years, he missed the playoffs for the first time after playing in the finals for eight years.

About a lot of fans, it’s very, very despairing. It’s also very angry. To be honest, last year’s James, together with the good lineups of the fourth and fifth young masters of the Lakers, can’t find his own sense of self-identity. I don’t know whether to play mainly in defense or attack or defeat in attack.

Ah, good or just good is a state without a rhythm, but only 18 months later, and also because of the epidemic, this delayed the timeline. In fact, one year later, I suddenly stood at the top of the NBA again. This change in my year is also very important.

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A team full of talent that may be in trouble

However, the space is becoming more and more urgent. I think this point has brown’s problem and the uniform group’s problem. But that’s why they, hardworking Reeves, I think Reeves is very good at picking up a team that may be full of talent in a difficult situation, and bring it back on track, such as the Clippers before.

Before, he, as a Celtic, was still very good at this kind of hand cards. There were emperor, CD, hofford and Harris. The following is really to see how she used these cards, how the earth and CD are compatible, whether Hoffer is playing as a backup center or a power forward, and whether Simmons wants to play power forward again. How big is the local strategy or how many three-point shots are the local tactics.

In fact, I think for rivers, his moves should be much more than brown before this. I think the polyps team has nothing to do with reconstruction. We can’t judge the team after the fact by looking at the performance of last season and judging that this team needs to be rebuilt. Think about it.

Their general manager, they, that management, including their whole team, signed a big contract, and hofford signed a big contract, Harris. He didn’t want to rebuild him, but he really went to win the championship. Although he didn’t play well last season, I think there are many factors that cause it.

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His biggest disadvantage is that he has no previous coaching experience

It is undeniable that there were some disadvantages at that time, and I very much agree with both of them that his biggest disadvantage was that he did not have any coaching experience before. Even as an assistant coach of this team, he had never been the consultant of warriors at that time, right? But the responsibilities of the consultant, the coach and even the assistant coach were not so good A lot, so I agree with that.

That is, whether we can learn how to be a qualified head coach in a short period of time is really what we all care about. But for the management of the team’s dressing room, is it the best candidate at that time? In fact, I think that he may really be the best person to choose, and the two also talked about Durant and.

Owen’s two are sensitive boys, right? There are a lot of conspiracy theories, right? It’s easy to do things, right? But at that time, Durant knew that he had a personal friend and was a good friend, so at least one of the two sensitive parts was settled, that is, as long as.

Focus, focus, and take care of Owen. This problem is relatively easy to solve. At that time, the ball was also ha. It should be famous in the league. This is called pine land, which is known by all kinds of people on the island, right? It’s also very good. That’s what I wrote here.

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There are a lot of guards in Brown’s basketball net

There are a lot of guards in Brown’s basketball net. I feel like Eminem said that there will be follow-up actions. Yes, they have Owen waddleville, Vette and brawn Cavaliers. There are only five guards in the back field. In fact, Harris can play the second position, including this temple.

Chen Pu, in fact, he can also play the second position guard, so their backcourt line is very, very crowded. Don’t forget, the nets and the playoffs are very good. Fan those big God TL C French boy Eminem, your French opportunity has come again. He really needs to have a big action with the net.

Well, this big move, in fact, is also probably the most heard, and this is the most important deal in the off-season, that is, James Harden, who has been constantly rumored with the nets and has been clearly stated in the modern team that he can’t go on.

The rumor about harden’s joining the nets has been spreading for nearly a week. The specific nets have given out who sold the chips. In fact, there is no final conclusion now. It is reported that the nets are willing to give out lewell dingweidi and Allen in exchange for Hadd in the future, which means Hadd.

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This is a pit for the Bucks, and I think the letter brother is very depressed now

This is a little too careful. If you want to be bad, you are right. This has made the Bucks pit, and it is estimated that the letter brother is also very depressed. Then, I would like to add that the key point is that this transaction seems to be impossible now. That is, the Bucks announced this afternoon that they would cut off the Yili compressed version, which was originally used in this transaction.

That’s the bear deer. This may also indicate that they have given up the pursuit of Bogdanovic. Then what kind of action will the Bucks take to further strengthen his lineup in the off-season? This is worth our attention. One of the reasons is that if the Bucks enter the NBA.

In the final, she will face the defending NBA title this year. The champion Los Angeles Lakers have already completed a deal before the Bucks, that is, the Lakers and the thunder have reached a deal for their own Denny green and the first round draft in 2020.

I gave it to thunder and got their sixth man Schroeder from thunder. If this deal can be more controversial than this one, I think the three of us should be very consistent in their ideas about this deal. I think we will all think it is a win-win deal.

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He can do it. Kobe wants to be the center of attention

And Italy is Han, Italy’s hot land, and it has become a refuge after the failure of his U.S. career. People’s reactions to his playing style, external force and charm are different. How do they pursue my father’s unique style? Kobe once told me.

Now I think of these words, but I have to admit that the discount is really very cool. I am a hole, so it can be reproduced all the time for sports, the head coach of the Sports Federation. He saw the same strong enthusiasm in this child.

He could play, and Kobe wanted to be the focus of attention. He was in the middle of the course when he was a kid, and her legend went out of the way. People noticed that he knew how to attract people’s attention that summer.

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There are so many goals I want to achieve

There were so many goals I wanted to achieve, and he was right. A few minutes later, he forgot that we had a relaxed and profound conversation in the dressing room. The performance affected the slam dunk contest. The hot dream is now burning even more. This is the Laker.

The lad who couldn’t make it to the starting line-up of the All-Star team, that is, the Los Angeles team suffered a lot in the 19961999 season. Owner jeribati decided to make a mess of this set of empty and talented lineups.

Since then, Kobe was so lonely, lonely and frustrated that he lost in his third season, when she was just over 20 years old, and I wanted to be the Savior. I don’t know about the desire to be a top player, I just want to fulfill this dream now, but I have to find a way to do it later, no matter how ridiculous the revolutionary goal looked at that time, in his career in 2016.

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In the past two years, the Blazers have never given up a playoff team

He chose to stay at home early in the morning. He signed a five-year contract renewal of 120 million yuan and 220 million yuan with the Blazers, and replied to the fans on twitter. The northwest will never dry up. The five tigers of the pioneers will break up.

In the past two years, the Trail Blazers have never given up the playoff team. Under repeated attacks, Lillard has never fallen. He knows that as a leader, such growth will help to complete himself and a city, and even get 2016 together from reshaping the faith power here.

On April 25th, because they were defeated in the first round series of the warriors at home, they were swept away. They never wanted to leave us in this way. I was very disappointed that the team was swept by Iraq. Some male artists ended up in this way.

It’s acceptable. For this season, we’ve learned a lot from it. We’ve experienced many ups and downs. We haven’t met our expectations and lost many opportunities. Almost, the warriors in it are very difficult challenges, but it’s OK for me. I remember the last dozen games, they played well, but they showed them.

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The Celtics couldn’t find anyone to stop him waiting for Fred hoyburg

After that, it’s more terrible than all the players in the Celtic team put together. When Robin Robin Lopez was in the Celtic team’s interior, Celtic couldn’t find anyone to stop him waiting for Fred hoyberg.

Even in the first two games, he held down the Celtic’s thought, Hao’s transfer ball and used it in turn. When Isaiah Thomas was in charge, Celtic didn’t seem to have much to do. Although they were the first in the East, they didn’t have the ability to do it alone except Tomas.

The star players who changed the trend of the whole game, their regular lineup, seemed too slow, too short and too gifted to cope with the supply. Please enter judo week and tumble to the ground. After losing the game, coach Stevens made a decisive adjustment. He won from the starting line-up, Amir Johnson, and then took it out and played 47 substitute games in the regular season.

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The first time you enter the playoffs, you get to the finals

James, because he entered the playoffs for the first time in his career, made it to the finals. Owen claimed to be the emperor and the fans especially passed after the two became teammates.

Day and night, the main body produced, appreciate and learn from the great first person in the League to use a lot of basketball field. One season, oruma dye James at the critical moment, not surprised, touched Owen who wanted to be the leader.

This is the courage and wisdom that the latter needs to study, so although he once had a conflict with Zhan Huang, he was finally conquered and solved by Owen, who finally resolved into a butterfly in the finals.

Speaking of the world has proved their own, superstar this season’s regular season is actually stumbling and stumbling, and finally even lost the first place in the East, but the team is united and United, and once again in the playoffs as expected. In addition to the strong combat effectiveness, this, which solves the trouble, the rapid growth of Owen played a key role.

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