Stan: The Warrior was fishing while he was on the phone and driving two miles for the cell phone signal.

According to USA Today, Warrior’s new aid Willie Caley Stan said he was fishing in a place with bad cell phone signals when his agent called him to tell him that he had reached a franchise agreement with the Warrior. He had to drive two miles to find a better signal to answer his broker’s call.

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For some players, entering the free agent market for the first time may be nervous or even boring. For non-big-name freelancers, the waiting time in the free-agent market is longer.

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For Warriors New Aid Stan, he chose a new activity to kill his waiting time in the free-agent market, which was fishing until he got a call from his agent.

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I got a call from my agent. I was fishing in Bunny. Stan said, “I got a call from a broker who seemed to be asking,’Where are you? The warrior is calling you. I’m like this,’Wait a minute! I’m by the lake. I don’t have a signal here. So I had to drive two miles so that my cell phone signal would be better and I could talk on the phone. They told me they had reached an agreement with the Warriors, and I was like this,’Oh! How quickly this happened!’

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According to Shams-Charania, Stein and the Warriors have reached a super-cheap contract with a total salary of only $4.4 million over a two-year period, but Stein holds the player option for the second year of the contract.

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At the 2015 draft, Stan was selected by the King in the sixth place in the first round and has been playing in Sacramento ever since. Stan averaged 27.3 minutes last season, scoring 11.9 points and 8.4 rebounds, with a shooting percentage of 55.6%. This summer the King had offered Stan a qualified offer to become a restricted free agent and could choose to match any offer offered by other teams. But on the first day of the open market, the King withdrew the qualification offer and made Stan a full free agent.

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The meaning of the contract is clear. As a 25-year-old player, Stan is obviously not satisfied with his free-agent market this year. He wants to win a more lucrative contract through the springboard of Warriors when he becomes a free-agent again next summer.

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The key is that but you still have to use it

That’s to say, tucabera still values his weakness in defense and outside players. Last year’s playoff series, Kuri Allianz played kabera three times to drive the rockets into despair. This is a very good proof, but this player can’t be used.

The key is that. But you still have to use it. Ah, to improve the added value of harden and Paul, Capella, the added value of harden and Paul will be reflected immediately. If not, it will be hard to reflect. Of course, today varliao is playing well, but he is weak.

As a member of the Rockets, aud. Well, internal defense, after being pulled down, is an important part of internal defense. Obviously, there is no role of card and Pera. It’s so big. Ah, of course, it’s good. It’s also good. But it can’t solve the essential problem. Drinking poison to quench thirst, you have to pay for it in the end.

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The key is that harden is strong or harden plays well

It’s very good. Well, these transactions are all done, which is equivalent to, er, getting in place, er, getting rid of Wright’s contract, and the whole team is getting better and better. The key is that harden is strong or harden plays well. We can say that. You can be the starter. Ah, you can be the starter again. It’s not right to match with kabela.

Who will fight in the face? As we said before, it’s some mainstream media on the Internet. It’s, er, this website platform, it’s Fabio’s sister, and it’s kabela of the Rockets. There are countless burning eyebrows. I’m not like that. You see, it’s the same time that acabera and Matteo are playing, and they will encourage and play for a long time. D’Antoni himself said right or not, who are you free?

Who are you going to play? You should go to house’s bench, Clark’s bench and Chris’s bench now. You can say either of them. Yes, yes, go. The title for Ennis is no longer there. You can say who you are, and now you are the substitute for Gordon. So you have to have a clear understanding of the Rockets. He is in the process of change. What he wants to do now, right? You have to know what the Rockets want to do.

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It will change when the time comes

This, the finals, this, on the stage, then the Bucks also need to see. Well, let’s look at the first round and the second round. If we play well, we will support it. It will change when the time comes. If we tell us that he is following the trend, it will not be biased.

Well, there must be personal preference, but that’s all. It just represents the support, not the real strength of the team. What’s the position of the real strength in our hearts? Support or support? That’s another thing. We also support the Spurs to fight the warriors. But, if you can’t play, you can’t play.

Let’s talk about the injury list. Now you can see that there are teams, players, continuous injuries and absences. Basically, there are still 20 games left. There is less time for him to start rotation. I can see that at this time today, tomorrow really has to go up. Basically, it doesn’t matter. Ah, the whole season has been fighting with injuries. Now it’s just starting to recuperate. Whether Paul George has injuries or not is a problem. Whether Thomson has injuries or not is my personal opinion. It doesn’t matter.

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The idea of unlimited defense change is implemented in every team

Underground warriors, I’d like to share with you my views on the current situation, Durant and pants. As for me, my friend, ah, I appreciate the player curry. To be honest, curry jumped into our sight and got some attention. It’s concentrated in 13 years. In fact, there has been a lot of such attention in 13 years. Ah, well, where does this come from? Let’s talk about it in the future. We’ll tell you how to reflect it in the future. What’s the hard evidence and the law.

73 years old. Generally, we think it’s the craziest year in curry, and it’s also the year when the warriors are invincible. The main reason for our discussion is that at that time, the Warriors team was a unique way of playing, and many teams in many leagues didn’t adapt to it. The key is whether it was the same. I haven’t seen this kind of play. It’s like this kind of metaphor. Is it true that the Qian donkey is poor in skills? Well, when the nose meets the tiger, the tiger can’t figure out what’s wrong with the donkey, right? It thinks it’s a beast, it thinks it’s a monster. Besides, the warrior is not a journey.

This tiger is so powerful. It’s mainly because it caught the whole league unprepared. If we look at it now, all teams, ah, aim at this kind of ball style, or this kind of tactics for one team, as well as fast rotation, fast rotation and defense. Well, the idea of unlimited defense change is implemented in every team, and it becomes a kind of everyone’s mode of thinking and set play. As long as you get used to it, all teams are so big, the advantage of the Warriors is less reflected. Now the gift of the Warriors is the advantage of the stars.

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The data of 20 points plus 10 rebounds is an excellent inside line

The college entrance examination is meaningless, isn’t it? If you don’t work hard, what does it mean that you didn’t get into the exam? If you work hard, what does it mean that you got into the exam? Well, let’s talk about weishao triple double, 10 rebounds, 20 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists. Let’s not talk about 10 points first.

It’s normal for you to get 10 points as the main player in the team’s main lineup. Right? 20 plus 10 is an excellent inside line. The data of 10 rebounds is an excellent inside line. The data of 20 points plus 10 rebounds is an excellent inside line.

An excellent type of data, ah, 25 points plus 11, 2, 10, 23 rebounds, is the data of super first-class center, ah, first-class center, data, let’s see how many rebounds has in his career, how many points he has, I’ll give you 20 points, 9.9 versions, 10 versions. I didn’t get 10. I didn’t get 10. I’ll tell you. If I remember this wrong, I’ll be beaten in the face. Right? What’s the concept of three pairs taking 10 boards, 10 boards and 10 assists? Go and have a look. The king of assists may take 12 and 13, so you can take 10 assists.

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If Durant wins the championship and gets the f MVP

In the future, this is the upper limit. I think it’s still difficult for James to succeed. Er, I think it’s possible for James to get the first person in the League after the dissolution of the letter brother Kunbo.

Of course. Ah, if Durant wins the championship and gets the f MVP, then it’s OK to do it for a few years and then give it to such a bundle. So, ah, this game, playing like this, playing like this, ah, coach Brett brown, there’s still a problem. There’s still a problem.

This kind of game can’t go to the Boban. How can you go to the Bo class? The key is what you want to pursue. The problem is what you want to pursue. The outside shooter, the nets, who shot 11 of 25, hit 42% of the three-point shooting rate of 4 times 2, and the whole team hit 4 times 2. Instead of individual players, the whole team is 4 times 2, and the whole team of the n76ers has three free shots in 25. Ah, from three or from five, there is only a three-point shooting rate of more than 20%.

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It’s an open letter

As for the piston team, when it comes to the Bucks, it’s just a little bit of resistance. Let’s talk about it. Well, when it comes to resistance, a lot of bucks fans look down on it. They don’t look good.

They don’t look good on the bucks. Well, I think this, how to say it. We feel very aggrieved, that is, we feel sympathy for the bucks. She is aggrieved, and we feel sympathy for him. Right? As we said, there are 12 in the East and West departments. The probability of turning him over is very low, especially. It’s only a few times in the past 20 years that you pinch your fingers to calculate. It’s just a very, very small probability event.

It can’t be enough. It’s beating your chest. It’s the last name. It’s an open letter. I just told you, bucks, was overturned, was overturned by the piston, right? You can’t say that unless you have full confidence, but anyone who can see through the possibility of black seven black pull, right? I can say that he is a great God level figure, even if you guess, because automatic guess is OK, right.

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He exercises earlier than they do

X31 is too young, so it recovers quickly. It’s wrong. Oh, he thinks that after so many years, Lao Jiao is 33 years old and 34 years old. Well, they can’t recover from Achilles tendon rupture. Suddenly, when he is young, he recovers at the age of 31, and then follows them at the age of 31. He exercises earlier than they do, and recovers faster than they do. This idea is all wrong.

When a person is 28 years old, his body and function begin to move downward. He doesn’t mean that he is only 23 years old and 24 years old, and his Achilles tendon is broken. The recovery of clock out is faster than that of 31 years old, which we admit. But from one point of view, from another point of view. He’s 31 years old and his Achilles tendon is broken, which means his tolerance is worse than others, right? He’s 24 years old and 23 years old.

His Achilles tendon is broken. Well, first of all, his ability is worse. Now we’re not talking about recovery. It’s about the system of his players. His physique is like this. His physique tolerance is poor, so at this stage of his career, a little bit of Achilles tendon in his early 30s encountered a major injury. Oh, you are studying medicine.

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In the case of losing the first choice of the New York Knicks

Combat effectiveness, or make some All-Star players, so as time goes on, the New York Knicks now, ah, still recognize and value the third line, right? It shows that New York has changed and retreated in dealing with the issue of Durant’s commercial contract. You know, the situation in New York is in a dilemma, but some fans still want Durant to join New York, so the problem comes. Now if there is no Durant, Owen will go to the Knicks in New York, which is a sharp end to the situation in Europe. In the case of losing the first choice of the New York Knicks, a lot of information has pointed out that Owen may go, Wang Lan nets. I think this is also a relatively correct and reasonable choice. New York is losing money now. Where to eat stew? It’s ahead of time. Lu Yizhi has cleared a lot of space since February this year. He is ready for the big two and big three to happen. So far, his salary structure has serious problems. Now New York is destitute and has nothing, but there are a lot of New York nets.

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The NBA Finals just finished and the championship of the Lakers

In the past, this season has gone through a very long journey, and there are also many stories. The end of the story can also be said to draw a perfect end to this special season. Today, let’s talk about the NBA Finals just ended and the championship of the Lakers.

No, for every player in the team and even for the league, the end of the finals also means the end of the season. We will also talk with you about some prospects for the future of the off-season. Just now, this season is a long one. Indeed, many fans are just like us.

Well, at the beginning of the season, it was expected that the Lakers would win the championship and James would be elected MVP. But I don’t think anyone thought that the process was so tortuous and bizarre. The final result might be the same as some fans expected, but it was the process.

It’s really wonderful. In fact, not only from the perspective of the whole season, we will talk about the summary of this season, but also from the last few games of the finals, the plot has experienced twists and turns. The last program, we were after three games in the finals, that is, the Lakers.

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