The key is that but you still have to use it

That’s to say, tucabera still values his weakness in defense and outside players. Last year’s playoff series, Kuri Allianz played kabera three times to drive the rockets into despair. This is a very good proof, but this player can’t be used.

The key is that. But you still have to use it. Ah, to improve the added value of harden and Paul, Capella, the added value of harden and Paul will be reflected immediately. If not, it will be hard to reflect. Of course, today varliao is playing well, but he is weak.

As a member of the Rockets, aud. Well, internal defense, after being pulled down, is an important part of internal defense. Obviously, there is no role of card and Pera. It’s so big. Ah, of course, it’s good. It’s also good. But it can’t solve the essential problem. Drinking poison to quench thirst, you have to pay for it in the end.

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