Continuous observation is worth looking forward to

The first day, the year of the rat, the first day, then this is the focus of today’s ball, ah, because there are many games in the game. Well, I didn’t pay much attention to other balls. I mainly watched the game between nuggets and pelicans in the first half. Now, there are seven minutes left in three years. The score is 70 to 70. I don’t look at other people. I just look at Williams. Let’s shoot. It’s 7.78% of the shooting rate, 15 points and 3-point goals are stolen. Ah, I’ve finished watching the game carefully. Of course, I’ve watched three episodes for two and a half years. Well, it’s too early to talk about it, isn’t it? I feel like I’ll be beaten again because of the first game of face beating, pain and my observation. We said that after watching five games, we are making a summary ah, well, every game we’re saying is because the player’s attention is so great that it’s OK.

Ah, so far, it’s rare that Nike has given the champion such a high evaluation and treatment and a long-term view. Well, Jingwen has already made more than ten million years’ salary since she graduated. If you calculate it down, the advertising sponsorship fee has already exceeded ten million annual salary. Let’s talk about it. Ah, all the attacks of this player are under the basket. There are no three-point long-range shots. He mainly looks at whether his long-range shot ability has. Because his current scores are all in the paint area, which are in the three second area, this score is his main one. To attack, we can only say the main, not all, because the previous four three-point is really impressive, technical or rough, mistakes or many, or instability, this is for sure, ah, for the evaluation of this player, I still know that a lower point must be weight loss. His weight is too big and too huge, although those are the advantages. Because of the advantages of the bar, I can tell you now that his upper limit must be higher than that of green if there is no injury, and then Green’s evaluation is a little hungry, which is too low, right? This evaluation may have.

Well, he is irresponsible to him, but let’s first say that he must be higher than the revolution, because his weight is now ah, I don’t think he can play five seasons in a healthy way, and the attendance rate of each season can reach 72 or more.

European Cup

At present, the layers of roadblocks arranged by Iceland always make the opponents feel extremely uncomfortable. Two years ago, in the first group match of the European Cup, Iceland drew one-on-one. Since then, after the Portugal’s winning game, it has criticized ice island. I only know how to defend. President gonnar of Iceland team is also their captain. He said frankly that we are Iceland and you are Portugal. We are very proud to play one-to-one with you. But if you think that Iceland really only defends this move, it’s a big mistake. Icelandic attack line is not gorgeous. They are always able to create a lot of trouble for the opponents who pay attention to team cooperation. In the last game, Iceland’s first goal in the history of the world cup came from a counterattack striker fenboazon, who said that Argentina’s defense line was in chaos, and a make-up shot leveled the score for the team. Now, they play in the luck of Everton in the Premier League. That’s the core of the Icelandic team’s attack. He also has a very aggressive nickname called Iceland big sniper, which is a sniper gun. He is good at long-range shooting. His left and right feet are very balanced. In the team, ah, he plays the role of organizer. The Icelandic team has developed appropriate offensive routines around him, and the Icelandic team also has a secret weapon.

That’s the iron core that goes to Russia with the team. During the first match of fans against Argentina, some fans have shown their power. The power is uniform on the edge of the field, and they give out shouts, that is, their scarves and shouts. According to statistics, 8000 Icelandic fans came to the scene to witness. The first show of the world cup, you know, 8000 people have already accounted for. What’s the total population of Iceland? 2.5%. Although it is said that this world cup is the first time for Iceland to enter the world cup, Icelanders have already left a deep impression on the European stage, especially in the European Cup. Not only did the group draw. Later, the champion, Portugal, defeated the founder of the football world in the group knockout competition. Of course, in addition to the performance on the field, the Icelandic players and fans played a special way to celebrate the Icelandic war together, which is also unique. Many fans of other teams, ah, ah, players also followed suit. Nine months later, some Icelandic doctors found that, alas, the number of pregnant women who came for examination increased significantly. Ah, I don’t know what the relationship is. In the World Cup qualifier, Iceland is suitable for the strong team of Croatia, Ukraine and Turkey.

NHL announces the end of regular season 2020

On May 27, NHL officially announced the cancellation of the rest of the regular season in 2019-2020, and 24 teams will play in two cities in the playoffs.

After the return of the season, there will be 24 teams participating in the competition; the top 4 teams in the East and west regions will adopt the circulation competition system, and the top 4 teams will be automatically promoted to the playoff round; the fifth to eighth teams in the East and west regions will adopt five sets of three wins to decide who will be promoted to the playoffs;

“At present, the specific date and venue of the competition are not determined. We made this decision based on fans’ and players’ expectations for the return of the game; the league has always put the health and safety of its players and staff first. “

NHL suspended the game on March 12, and the playoff date has not been determined. With 31 teams in the NHL, the seven worst ranked teams have ended the season.

Matthew Zhu Dong: it’s fun to have a label, and I want to make a long appointment

Matthew judon is an integral part of the Raven defense team and he also hopes to secure a long-term contract as soon as possible.

“We still have about a month to negotiate for a long time,” Zhu Dong told reporters. I’m very happy to be a raven player and hope to stay here all the time. But I understand that business is business We also have a lot of young talent

Zhu Dong, who was named in the career bowl for the first time last season, signed his own label contract in May. Until July 15, crows and Zhu Dong could sign a long contract.

Zhu Dong finished 9.5 times of catching and killing last season (the best in his career), hit the quarterback 33 times and forced the ball to drop 4 times. The crow defense group has a strong performance, ranking among the top five in the league in terms of average score and number of yards pushed forward. On the field Zhu Dong can play defense end front, also can act as the outside line guard.

“It’s nice to get the label,” Zhu said. Only a few players have the honor. I’m eager for stability in the future, but I’m also proud of myself now. “

Governor of Ohio: the hall of fame is probably held without audience

On Tuesday, Ohio Governor Mike Devine said that if this year’s Hall of fame match is held as scheduled, it will probably be held without audience.

The game was originally scheduled to be held at Canton on August 6, with the Steelers and cowboys on both sides.

“I know we’re all looking forward to the hall of fame, and I know what it means for Canton and stark County, for the whole country,” Dwayne said. It’s a big event that we’re all looking forward to, but we can’t bring people of this size together That would be very dangerous. “

“We need to take into account the current situation We’re also talking about restarting Ohio, getting back to work, and so on, but mass gatherings like this will always be the last. We need to continue to observe the situation and make corresponding decisions. “

If James’s runner up and champion swap, can he surpass Jordan?

Yes, if James wins all the runner up years, he will become the most legendary figure in NBA history. It can be said that he fully meets the definition of American hero standard, and becomes the greatest lone hero in history. He will be pushed down in the same position as Jordan. Maybe a lot of people don’t agree with it. Let’s imagine how James, another parallel space-time man, pursues goat. First of all, in the 2006-07 season, the 22-year-old emperor broke through the blockade of the piston iron barrel array, and in the fourth year of his career, he reached the finals with a single core and swept through the peak GDP without any effort. At that time, he said to Duncan, “the future is my present and my” classic sentence.

The title became Cleveland’s first five major league titles in 50 years. After the game, James said easily, “Cleveland this is for you “In the next three years, he never rushed out of the East. Even though the two MVPs, he still felt that he could not pursue the ghost of Chicago here. So in the summer of 10, he decided to go to the south coast and join hands with Wade bosh to form the top three giants, but the chosen one with a very high starting point But it can’t be accepted by fans. After all, he chose to abandon his hometown and play brother basketball with another fmvp in the same year. But this year, the Mavericks also entered the finals. LeBron was not soft. When the king of Notre Dame suddenly lost himself, James turned his back at the critical moment, causing baria’s defensive foul to throw the winning goal. In the first year, the heat won the championship, and the Mavericks won the history 0 Championship. In this way, James washed away more than a year’s infamy and completed redemption.

Panther attack coordinator: Bridgewater makes everyone better

Bridgewater has not played full-time since suffering a serious knee injury in 2016. However, his performance on the court during this period is enough for panther to trust him and sign him as the starting quarterback.

Joe Brady, the Panther attack coordinator who worked with Brigitte in the saints, knows the quarterback well and believes that Brigitte fits the attack system.

“Everyone who has met Teddy Bridgewater knows that he can make people better,” Brady said in an interview. Once we asked Teddy to host the meeting. I think it’s important because he has a good understanding of the offensive system, knows what we’re doing, has experience in playing and knows how to transfer knowledge to others most effectively. “

When drew Brees was recovering from injury last season, Bridgewater won five games. When starting full-time for the Vikings in 2015, Brigitte water led the team 11-5 and was named into the professional bowl.

Rodman and dream green which talent is high, ability is strong?

Rodman is 2.01 meters tall. He is a professional power forward, the best defensive player in the NBA in the 2nd term, the best defensive player in the 7th term, the best rebounder in the 7th term, and the champion of 5 titles. 34 grabbing boards in a single field. Dream chasing green is 2.01 meters tall. He is a professional power forward. He is the best defensive player in the 1st NBA, the best defensive player in the 3rd NBA, and the champion in the 3rd NBA. Both of them have strong bodies as the inside line, but their height is not so outstanding. Rodman was the king of the basketball board in that year. Similarly, green also plays an important role in the warrior’s inner line, but it is analyzed carefully Then you will find that they have the same responsibilities in the team except for their similar positions.

Rodman is mainly responsible for rebounding, because in the triangle attack, Rodman himself does not need to be responsible for scoring, it is mainly to help Jordan and Pippen to find the easiest scoring opportunities as far as possible in the offensive end, when there is a chance, from time to time to make the best of it. Rodman’s offensive means are mainly to cut and fast break, as well as secondary attack.

How to evaluate the reconstruction of the eagles

The Atlanta Hawks have won no more than 30 games in three consecutive seasons, but no one is sure to look down on this young team. The rise of the eagles can be seen in the 16-17 season when Chavez Schlenk was hired as the general manager of the team. As assistant manager of Golden State Warriors, schrenck has brought the most successful basketball team experience in recent years to Atlanta, which can be roughly divided into the following points: select a stable young commander as the leader, excavate and rebuild the cornerstone through draft, spend small money in the free player market to select the required combat power, and at the same time, ensure the team’s operating salary by reasonable planning Capital space. “Since the first day I came here to work, we have emphasized the flexibility of the operating space and the prudent use of the salary space, which we have obviously achieved,” Schlenk said in an interview with the Atlanta Gazette. Then we collect the good assets and we have selected a lot of good players

Of course, the young eagles didn’t copy the warrior model, they walked out of a road full of our team’s characteristics. Compared with warriors in the bay area who have strong attraction, Atlanta, an old city in the south of the United States, is less popular with stars in the free agent market. Even the hawk, who won 60 games, didn’t attract any big players during the championship competition. The last time Atlanta made a big move in the free player market was Howard, who was 64 million in three years, and besmore, who was 70 million in four years. At that time, the former was on the decline, while the latter was obviously not a star, and both contracts became hot potato in the end.

What are the common printing processes of clothing?

  1. Digital printing

The working principle of digital printing is to transform the existing patterns into digital forms and input them to the computer through the scanner, edit and process them through the color separation and tracing system of the counter printing machine, and then spray the special ink directly onto the textiles by the micro piezoelectric ink jet nozzle controlled by the computer, and then return the original tracing patterns after the color mixing. Compared with dye, pigment is more sun resistant, washable and cheap. It can be used in many kinds of fibers and fabrics. Digital printing is the most common way of printing processing. The advantage of digital printing is that it can print high-precision, large format fabrics, and the printing process is convenient and fast without plate making. Feel better, no screen printing of the gelatinous feeling. Digital printing has unparalleled advantages in technology, pure machine operation, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.

  1. Screen printing

According to the printing effect and process, it can be divided into: water slurry printing, glue printing, ink printing, discharge printing, foaming printing, heat transfer printing (hot stamping), bronzing, flocking, etc.

According to the ink properties, it can be divided into water-based ink screen printing, solvent based ink screen printing, thermosetting ink screen printing and silica gel screen printing. Screen technology is mainly divided into manual scraping and machine scraping. In the early years, there was still a pattern of coexistence of manual printing and machine printing, but up to now, the proportion of manual printing has gradually declined.