the task has Rubio control

For the Jazz team, for the Pacers, is still a relatively ideal, ah, more stable output point, so with a good point guard can quickly release the attack firepower of oladibo ah, completely and completely, so that, oladibo can be wholeheartedly. Well, attack, other things to Rubio to participate in, organize the attack, the task has Rubio control, so Joseph, ah, including corison, this is not, ah, a decent point guard, not a qualified point guard, so, ah, Rubio’s sex is more obvious. Yes, it’s quite clear. Oh, the first and second one of the Suns is to keep on. As for the contract issue, I also talked about my personal opinion. If you give 45 million yuan in three years in case of 1500 yuan, the contract will be regarded as an ideal one. So, what kind can it be played. It’s not very clear. It’s also in the groping stage. So, it’s too long and too long to give. Well, there’s potential danger for the team, so be careful. It’s more ideal for the two teams.

It’s OK. Let’s be bold. Let’s fight. Ah, it’s OK to lock Rubio in a four-year contract with $80 million in four years. But I don’t like this choice. Four years, three years, 15 million yuan and 45 million yuan. I think it’s more ideal to have a contract parallel

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the Lakers have formed a big three

I believe that if we sign Durant and Thompson at the same time, the warriors will not be in this line-up next year. Ah, the so-called death five is not established. Ah, there is no more. Then the eastern pattern should be different. Well, this procedure is because the Lakers have formed a big three, and there is no last ticket. If they include Jimmy Butler and Michael Owen, they can’t be in the Laker team, so it’s a better choice to stay with the 76ers and Jamie butler with the 76ers.

Because, we know, ah, if the volume is too large to leave the East, then the only team in the East that can compete with the 76ers is the bucks. Now this team, the whole team, is worried about the contract problem. He is too busy now. There is no possibility of this kind of recruitment. What he has to solve first is internal. Contract issues, Middleton, Ding, heart, tribe Gordon also need 15-20 million. I personally think that 20 million must be less. Ah, what, he needs more, or blogs need more. I think English is also the most important thing for bucks this summer. If you want to sign a contract and renew your contract instead of recruiting them, you can lay a good foundation and cover all these players. Next year, it will be very competitive. Then the Bucks’ only imaginary enemy, that is, the Bucks’ 76ers, will keep Jimmy Butler.

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I just want to beat the New York Knicks!

I think it’s so childish, really naive. Do you think that Durant is still the same as Durant in the past two years later, Durant is still the present Durant. It’s really stupid. The nets are going to have bad luck. I don’t know. It’s bad luck. It’s too optimistic. Durant gambles that Durant will be able to return to the top when he recovers from injury. Ah, you really have such a fool. Anyway, we Chinese have money. It doesn’t matter to be cheated. Stupid decision. Of course. Well, it will be confirmed in two years’ time. Now, we don’t make too much evaluation. Achilles tendon rupture is just a very serious commodity. Before we said, Durant’s shares will be five percentage points. At least, as you said, Durant Russia recovered.

You are very good, very good, under the circumstances, it is possible to achieve, it is also possible, ah, it is just a business, right? Because after all, the appeal of virgins, Durant’s joining, and the nets is a great, evil and realistic one. This stimulation has been for so many years. Some of them are holding down two teams. Neither of them has much improvement. There is Durant and Owen. Maybe Durant has introduced Durant in order to bring Owen. That’s all. As we said before, um, the skepticism about New York has been abandoned. Well, the basketball team’s impulse to get married. I don’t know whether it was said in the program or in the group. I have forgotten that the New York team and Durant are injured, so the hunger news is less and less, and the confidence of Durant is aroused. Extremely low

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Leonard, make a decision!

About Leonard, why didn’t you make a decision? Why didn’t you ask me, ah, how do I know? I don’t know. I don’t know why he didn’t make a decision. I don’t know when he did. I, only know me, it’s him and me, and I don’t make a decision. Well, I want to think about it again. Let’s analyze it in this issue. If I’m like this, if I stand in his angle and position, well, first of all, I have to imagine myself as a top NBA player.

Superstar, superstar, superstar, oh, not superstar. Ah, I talked with you about superstars and superstars in the group two days ago. Right, we never use the wrong words. You can rest assured that our definition of superstar, superstar, superstar is very clear, very clear. There is a red line. Ah, the leader is not a superstar. Ah, the word superstar should not be used indiscriminately. If it is rotten, it will not be used. If the street is rotten, there will be no gold. Ah, I will imagine myself as a superstar. I have taken a lot of money. Some people love it. Well, every team now wants me. Every team thinks I’m hungry. It’s a hero of the city, and so on. There’s still a chance to earn a lot of money. I’m standing on this point of view to think about this problem. Why haven’t I made a decision yet. Well, in fact, it’s very simple. I think it’s very simple. Before I give you an analysis, I’d like to talk about it first. No matter now, talk about where we have to go. Now I see fans, mainly divided into two groups

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God will punish those who are righteous!

Paul, George and, the leaders, we did in front of us. The character of the program is open to discussion. This has been said very politely. This is in all these years. The main core points of the team are the two absolute cores of the team. Ah, those who have such character and conduct, and do such things, I think, are relatively few. Generally, there is only one right, or is it right? Even if there are more role players, it doesn’t matter, right.

The boss and the second of the two teams are like this. Well, I see that there are few of them, so I don’t quite approve of such teams. Moreover, I’m skeptical, I don’t even think it’s disgusting. Why do you say that sometimes. Oh, you have to say that these things that Paul George has done really make people listen. Pain, enemies, quick, right? We are still in front of us. The backhand slap of the deer skin Paul George behind him. Ah, puff XD is on Paul George’s face, right? The so-called joint plot, the result is a win-win situation. Thunder people, ah, now stand up, come out and say, this is your unilateral thing, ah, you are talking nonsense, right? When we talked about the common will, ah, smoke, quickly right? That is, God will always stand on us. Er, yes, it is special. We don’t need to say more about Blaise address, right. Just slap and go back, right? Well, it’s not pitiful, ridiculous or ridiculous, right? For these Paul George fans who talk about that, where do they come from? Where do they come from? Where do they come from? Where do they come from.

Don’t you feel that the clippers have all become the public enemies of the league? No, if you support the clippers, this is the direct Paul George of the leadership. This is a kind of inconsistency of values. It can even be said that you are a small part of the crowd. Your values need to be discussed. What kind of conspiracy are they playing? You have to know that this is not a matter of justice, a conspiracy Trick, eat ginseng torch, wipe his mouth, and then tie a bow tie, said, well, good taste, he is not one. What this mature player should do

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The Lakers have a bad start!

Let’s talk about the Laker team and Corzine. Then on the last program, we finished some views on Owen. Some fans, ah, have doubts about our position. A lot of people think that we are, currency patent, ah, program. After listening for a long time, you will not have this idea. Ah, what should be said, what should be done, what should be done? Corzine’s injury is a major blow to the Lakers. This is a major exception, ah, a major regular meeting. Well, fortunately, there is still time, not in the middle of the season, or at the end of the season. The Lakers still have time to adjust their diagnosis, so the current playing style will have a fundamental change, ah, unless the Lakers are in the position of interior center.

As a supplement, I think at the beginning of the season, ah, koshins’ day this summer is optional, or, er, it can be carried out, or it can be given up. Why do you say so. We know that in the warriors, ah, the whole season of last year did not play a decisive role. They gave a lot of time and opportunities. Alas, they wasted a lot of time and opportunities. It can even be said that in some cases, they even brought down a kind of player. That’s right. I don’t have any hope for him, but after signing, ah, after Corzine signed, a series of supplements from the Laker team are indeed, based on the fact that Corzine can handle the position of the first mover, supplement the other positions, in other words, ah, to some extent for him. I also believe that he can have a good performance and, um, complete attendance rate next season

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They are close to the fans

Today’s other games, er, talk about two games. Ah, there are too many snatching words and I can’t talk about them. Mavericks, ah, the lone ranger team won the game again today. The thing is 25 + 10 + 10, triple double performance. In addition, the thunder team may not have many thunder fans now. They are close to the fans, and they may have defected. So wait for Paul fans or for now. For aspheric geometry, let’s talk about the little bag, er, first of all, the Mavericks. Er, I think it’s just the fans who watch the ball now or in the past two years. You can take this thing and set it up.

Or a favorite star, ah, this player, we said last year that it is a material that can be made. Or, it has been shaped. This player can play for ten years, but in the future, it can play for the Mavericks. We can see last year’s game, watch this year, observe a few years, and then observe these. Well established

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Do warriors still have a chance?

The future is that in the next three years, the top 10 players in the League will have their contracts confirmed. In other words, 15 of the top 20 players in the league have been finalized in the future. Second, the players who have the ability have basically owned the famous players, and the possibility of moving the team is very small. It is basically impossible for a single signing to happen only through trading. Then who has the ability to undertake the contract of Lhasa and isolation, which together cost 50.5 million yuan, is a super big move. How many teams, can, score, is still a problem, so the problem is that you say to solve it, ah, it’s hard to solve, right? It’s not easy to solve it, but if it can be solved well, it can bring the dead back to life. Ah, I think Thomson’s injury problem is that he played Thompson in December. It’s a more reasonable and acceptable reality to come out. Ah, some netizens want to ask him where the current problem is once something happens. We, in this program, said that we can listen to him. This kind of problem is not called a problem, but this kind of problem is actually forced. He is forced to appear.

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Anthony Davis, to top the position of position five

There are opponents like this and that. There are opponents with different sizes and different physiques. Well, many strange lineups will appear, so you are framed and your skills should be excellent, right. It seems that you have to see the efficiency at that time. If, in the playoffs, I think that the effect of being framed is far better than that of face. The core issue of framing is physical fitness. I’ll say it slowly. We always think that the emphasis is that the Lakers play big four, and we have discussed children before. The next time we type or play five, we should first emphasize that the Lakers are forced to play big four. They are not active in seeking change, not in response. First of all, you should be able to play to this extent. You have to fight Howard and McKee or cousins down to a big four.

Anthony Davis, to top the position of position five, then your opponent, whether it is a big four small or its core, position five is still on the field with Captain Anthony Davidson, right? If this is against the upper position, there is no advantage in the body, right? To discuss this issue, but if you put flowers. In other words, if you use a small lineup to play McKee, or if you use a small lineup, your own justice No. 5 position is no longer on the court, how to play on the upper or four on four. If it is four on four, Anthony Davies in the league, play No. 4, the power forward position, his physique is very advantageous.

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Durant’s spirit of death

Let’s talk about Durant because he did a program about Durant and the warriors before. Then there is a question about Durant himself. He said that he would do a program. After several days, let’s talk about it today. When it comes to Durant, then we must drag the warriors into it. Well, these two are combined. What are we going to say? It’s about Durant’s interview with the media before, er, the value of leaving the warriors. I wrote about my thoughts at that time. Then I read this article. Ah, I asked Durant directly whether his comments had affected Durant’s choice and detention. Durant also made it clear that there must be such a reason, which is one of the most important reasons.

Well, I didn’t see much else. I was mainly concerned about the incident with Durant and green. Last season, we knew that at the beginning of the season, the warriors didn’t play well in a few games. Ah, it was also a bad road. So, curry caused Durant and green to have a conflict on the field. Green was also suffered because of this. existence

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