Raptors fire, kill and plunder!

After talking about the clippers, the warriors said to us that we welcome a slap in the face and hope to be beaten in the face, right? I hope the clippers can turn over the warriors and become a classic box. Yes, the playoffs. This kind of game will go down in history. I tell you it’s very important. It’s very important. We’ve watched the ball for more than 20 years, right? Well, it doesn’t matter if we’re lucky to enjoy such a game. It doesn’t matter to be beaten in the face. If we were beaten, we would be willing to. Oh, not to mention the Raptors vs. magic. Ha, we have been off for three days. The Raptors are going to slaughter and the magic are going to slaughter.

Give any chance, there is no chance. Like today’s tomorrow, you’ll take out a killer’s mace to serve the magic team. Zero to two, you have to wait for zero to two home, zero to two. When you go to the magic team, you will feel what kind of face you have this season. Even if it’s half done, well, it’s half done, right? Especially today, the 76ers’ crazy abuse of the nets team reflects their overall strength. In fact, it’s quite frightening 145 points. To 145 points, you say how bad the nets are. As for 145 points, I don’t think it’s enough to hit 120, so it’s almost enough to be able to work to 145. The 76ers are really fierce. We haven’t practiced this section of 51 points. Split ha, wait a moment to appreciate it, right? The Raptors are also the same. Of course, seven people are in front of each other. Really, if there are many people who want to watch the Raptors tomorrow, the Raptors should also observe the 76ers’ state.

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Nuggets, come on!

Similar to this kind of nerve knife, super nerve knife is often on the spot, ah, this is not a good player, ah, let’s say again, the series between the Nuggets and the Spurs is very dangerous, such as who we support, we’re just the Nuggets, why it’s dangerous and why he’s losing us. And support him. It’s the same as our Chinese team. In the World Cup 2002, we support the Chinese national team, right? I don’t eat or I don’t support the Chinese national team. Then you say I’m not patriotic, I support Brazil, and I support China. I’m going to be beaten. How do we do this program? You’ll be scolded. Let’s talk about the reason why we support the Nuggets not because of how strong they are, but because they encourage them. Or, er, the Nuggets are likely to be a new upstart in the western part of the NBA in the future. We hope to have this kind of young team coming from behind one after another, right? The Spurs.

I’ve been playing for more than 20 years. I’m tired of watching. You know what? I’m tired of watching you play the regular routine with the Spurs. But he must play with him. All your rationality is unreasonable in front of the Spurs. You should be unreasonable with him, right? How unreasonable? Finally, let’s talk about it. Homepage Jun is very dangerous.

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the Rockets playing jazz

If you want to really be overturned, you can’t live beyond life. That’s bullying. Right. Coach Brown can get out of here. He can finish his class. He can sign a four-year contract. One year will shock all the money for four years. That’s wonderful. Well, let’s talk about seven people’s opinions on how to beat wolf king. Although it’s a stroke, we still need to mention it again because there are many people who pay attention to it. As a new upstart in the East, right? There are a lot of people who pay attention to it. They just hit the nets and beat them to the death. Why can’t we give any chance to stay for the basic capital. I’m not sure because he’s not stable. He’s not strong because he’s unstable. You know, you’re like other strong teams, such as warriors, rockets, and so on. I’m five points and eight points ahead of you. Right? I’m better than you.

It’s very hard to call even. I came back from a pause and then dried another 10 Fen food. How could I have such strength and such ability? But it was not so unstable that he was not stable. So he had to take the lead all the time, beating the opponent to the death, expanding the leading advantage enough not to be overturned. That’s it. The evaluation of the owner is like this. In fact, I think it’s very shameful to lose the first game. They lose their own face, and my face is also lost. They all play four to one. We can only say that it’s ugly to play four to one now. It was the same last night, including the Rockets playing jazz

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Durant to come back

When will Durant change his mind, right? If you want to smile and leave, what team can we meet in? Right? Durant has to wash his clothes and return to his hometown, but also to wash his white and save himself. You can’t go, right? Do you still say that you can’t go or that Durant will come back. It’s necessary for Durant to come back. You know, Wei Shao, now, in 1988, Durant’s 88 doesn’t matter. Another two years, or it means that Durant may come soon. It’s a thunderstorm, right? Or the year after Paul George’s deal is over. Fang te came here, right? It’s all possible. OK, so I think thunder trading is less powerful. It’s impossible to achieve it. At least now, at least, there is no such possibility. Why not? Of course, we can’t say absolutely what we want to say.

Ah, if there is a team that wants to form a big three, ah, a group of big three, Wei Shao may trade. Well, for example, for example, the Hawks are going to form the big three now. They have Thompson, Merkel and Locke. Well, or it’s the boy Derozan. It’s called a trade, right? Plus Wei Shao’s nonsense. He wants to form a big three. Ah, then a smile is possible. But for a one-to-one deal, from the core of one team to the absolute core of another team to the absolute core of another team, it does not match the all star level. In the case of players, teams, ah, players, this kind of trade can’t happen.

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In front of the Raptors

I, personally, think that there are several kinds of people who die more and live more than others. In front of the Raptors, we should experience the feeling of being eaten by a big tiger. Of course, we still have a good look at our fight. We still remember that they have not appeared, right, Celtic team. Er, the Bucks, after the game, will put their own inclination, give out the word which team, right? Of course, which team we support does not mean that this team will win. We said that we support, right, from the strength, we will not analyze it from another angle, right, for example, like the rockets against the warriors. Under the circumstances, it must be that the warriors are strong, and the promotion probability of the Warriors must be higher than that of the Rockets, which is absolute. But we always support the rocket team. Well, Rocket fans, don’t think I always praise them. One is right, that is, belittle the Rockets. There is nothing wrong with us not supporting the Rockets. In the end, they are the Knights harden and Paul who support the Rockets. In brief, the brothers of Celtic team, the specific tactical analysis. After I have watched, ah, the Celtic team’s several games, roughly finished watching these games, we have not watched any of the Bucks’ games in the top bull.

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let the Rockets kill

Of course. Don’t be too happy for the fans. I personally think, ah, function also needs to let the Rockets kill. Warriors, yes, a clipper can kill warriors. This must be the first feat. Hehe, let’s talk about the history of the first feat. Well, assuming that the history of the first feat, how can the Clippers get there? So I think.

There should be something to go in and fight with the Rockets. Warriors Rockets play their talent and ability and luck. Luck is the most important thing to kill. The warriors left a heavy mark in history. Of course, ah, if the warriors don’t compete, they will be directly attacked. If you lose and come back to the clippers, you have to play two more games. Even if the warriors win the next game, they will wait for the Rockets. So the Rockets of the two teams now have a little bit of an advantage. We can also have a good look at how the warriors play the Clippers. We can learn from the experience of the Clippers. We can learn from the experience, right? We can deal with the big data. What kind of way is more reasonable, but. I think, ah, it’s better to play your own style if you want to imitate others. You should know how to play as the Rockets should play, how to play your own winning mode. Ah, there is no future for us to blindly copy others. When we talk about this, we think that wechat should be our own, right? Three pairs are less powerful.

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Durant should be excellent

The fourth episode is. There is only 14 points in the game. There is a small gap between 14 points. I hope Durant can reach 60 points. Let’s see if there is such a possibility. As we said before, ah, regular season time, Durant and curry are the super scorers in history. A game of 60 is very unqualified. We are not qualified. We have already been kicked out by us. Durant has a chance. Durant has a chance, but Durant is limited to this kind of physical disadvantage. Playing in the playoffs, it is just like providing three energy saving points to 46 points.

Miracle and is a miracle, then there are 12 minutes, time to see whether Durant can reach 60 plus 50, it should be no problem, right, 60 companies need to score 60 points, from this, we can see that Durant and Curry’s gap, ah, in a match, Durant should be excellent. Forced by, cruel officials, ah, this is not a player of the same level. Ah, I sincerely tell you Curie fans that Durant and curry are not players of the same level, even in a team, even if they become, ah, recognized champions

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Kam plan, Lori, let me go

There’s not a single player in the 76ers, except for Jimmy Butler. There is no difference between Jim Butler’s defensive ability and Simmons’ defensive ability, but there is no difference between Simmons’ defensive ability and Simmons’ defensive ability. There is no difference between Simmons’ defense ability and that of Simmons’ defense ability. It’s also true that Jimi Butler is a civilian. He is good at defense. He is a player who plays from the bottom. His defensive ability is very strong, and his basic defensive skills are very strong. So I think that if this team wants to limit the number of Jimi Butler’s surnames by individual defense, only Jimi Butler, as we said before, should know how to sacrifice, right? Other players can interact with each other. Responsible for changing RV wheels and dipping materials, Nader, but I personally don’t think it’s of great use. Guard against other people’s giving out SIAA, Kam plan, Lori, let me go, and that’s the most important thing. Look at Lori. We talked about the analogy with Bradshaw and other Lori yesterday. Why do we say Lori plays well, Lori.

I want to tell you that Lori, raptors, the team has two sets of core ones. Lori has two holding points and two starting points. If these two players play with each other, you don’t know what he’s doing. Eight assists today, right? Finish the job. Good job. Mission

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Kunbo big show Mantis Boxing!

Why? I started to talk about what’s good for you to be squeezed. If you want to go to other teams, it must be much more than here. The second, and the third is that you’re still struggling. Don’t think, don’t expect to live. I think.

Ah, it can reach the level of 70% to 80% in jazz songs last year. After two or three years of health care, I think it’s also very good. This product is very serious. The broken leg should be very serious. It’s better than Paul George, and so is Paul George. It’s been years. It’s been two or three years before I recover. Ah, Hayward is in the Jazz team. Ah, the data is very luxurious. Well, there are a lot of hits and scores, right. I was surprised to find that the Celtic team would be revived, right? I didn’t expect that the first game of the Celtic team suffered such a big injury, that is, the destiny should not be ah, tv500, so now we have added the option of Owen. Well, as like as two peas, I can see that this is a good way to turn it off. This is a bear’s wrong. Well, it’s copied from the same template as last year. Well, there are many netizens who love Erwin’s way of playing, the ability to play singles is strong, and the ability to play singles is really strong.

If the Celtics win in the regular time, I think there is no problem with the time. If the Celtic team can win in the regular time, it will be the last two minutes, ah, Owen. Then you have to go to singles. In case there is no magic letter, Kun Mo will come to the house

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Just like we talked about NBA now

Our program is not biased, not biased, thin, right? What should I do? I don’t have my own independent thinking. I have my own clear thinking. I think that I have accurate positioning. Ah, as a program, as a host, I can do it.

Fairness and justice are the basic conditions. Ah, so you have to think that we are such anchors, we can and our programs, ah, we can have this feeling of preference, but you also need to listen to the progress. Our voice often meets this time, ah, if you want to have a comparison, there will be harm, right? So we are not news reports, we are not about stories, um, not about today’s, oh, how many scores are compared, a few weeks ago, praise it. Well, it’s over. It’s not a good thing to hear. It’s not bad. It’s no longer a waste of your time, OK? Let’s go over it. Let’s talk about harden. Er, there’s a lot of cheating and fouls, and the League doesn’t think it’s appropriate, right. The rules, but now, harden can still get a lot of spoons. Ah, there are still many spoons. Ah, this kind of cheating and violating rules, in essence or in other words, there are agreements. It is obvious that I am going to cheat, that is to touch, right? Cheating is to steal.

Touching porcelain is a liar. Well, it’s just like, um, analogy library. It doesn’t mean that analogy library can’t help it. I’ll tell you this is a topic that can’t be bypassed. Just like we talked about NBA now, even if James doesn’t play you now, is this topic OK

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