These three points to throw in

It’s stubborn. Ingram or Boer are going to shoot the three points. James, Hart must have been looked after by the key people at this time. So these balls may fall into the hands of these three people unintentionally or inadvertently.

You, how, choose, ah, it’s very difficult, you give them disrespect, you give them a waste of opportunity, you go to see, Ingram kushma, some ball’s three-point shooting rate is very low, so at this time, you can only hope James can stand up.

These three points to throw in, tie, don’t think of the anti super ah, this time play two points, James must be breakthrough ah, or that is the backward jump shot, absolutely ah, no matter how difficult, drift very, no matter skew, so ah, for the Lakers. At this time, it is equivalent to danger. If you have one or two subjects, even one more, you can make the score. Well, you may have to come back if you can. Sorry to answer the phone. Well, we said that before.

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There is nothing new about other things

Spurs, now, to climb up, Spurs fans, ah, don’t worry too much, you have to believe, a little spurs, 20 years has not been absent from the playoffs, you don’t believe, spurs, but you have to believe Popovich. Have you ever been disappointed in go? You ask yourself repeatedly. In addition, trailblazers are not afraid of any team, especially Lillard.

Lillard is a tough guy, but you have to be horizontal with you. You know, it’s such a player, so it’s more troublesome. You say, ah, the Rockets have won again today. The Rockets fans must be very happy. Our focus today is to talk about the Rockets.

There is nothing new about other things. I have mentioned it before, shouting about the Rockets. Now, if I remember correctly, the Rockets have won three games in a row since, er, the third game of money hiding. At the beginning, after dialectics, ha now plays the third back. Now Gordon directly comes up to play the third back. I don’t know if it’s the end of the road. I have no choice but to give it to him. I don’t think about the tolerance of the ER player.

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Do you still have to play for me

Do you still have to play for me, right? How can a team with a total of more than 70 million people play well in this luxury tax and pay it to the horizon? So it’s a great pressure to ask Thompson tomorrow. Once this happens, er. Durant, if he can leave the warriors smoothly, then this team can return it to curry or curry, and invite Durant to stay for three years.

After that, the owner or curry will play down or not mention the battle for the boss of this team. Why didn’t curry stay in isolation, right? These three people are going back to the original routine or the original mode. Well, this advantage may be smaller in the original book, so there is no advantage. We may stand on the same running line.

Because it can be seen that I now recruit the big five because the warriors live in the big four. Well, other teams, whether in the east or the west, these little white champion teams are basically engaged in an arms race. Look at the warriors now.

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Too much time before we play this super first-class level

Basically, oh, it’s only 1% and 1% of the votes. It’s not a problem. It’s true. Then you don’t have to say how many votes those potential new stars and potential players can get. Well, of course, if you have time to pay attention to them.

That’s OK. I personally think that we should try not to waste too much time before we play this super first-class level, er first-class level, and can become an all star. It’s very easy. Your efforts or expectations will be wasted. So many years of attention may be paid to him. You’ll be gone. You’ll be on the bench the year after next. Ah, this kind of thing happened. Well, let’s talk about it.

Personally, I think there are a few young potential information, or, er, there’s room for cultivation and future to rise. For example, last year we said that Mitchell in the east of oradipo and the west of oradipo played very well. Mitchell and Simmons were once stronger than the glory of the best rookie, but Mitchell was defeated. We were at this time, um yeah.

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The level is just like this

Player, maybe there will be no voice next year. I spend most of my time on her research. Right? I’ll give you her name in two days. I can’t figure out who and where it came from. Right? Don’t waste your time and play it. Besides, some friends ask me to see it. I saw the movie last night, I saw this Corus, and I saw it too.

To tell you the truth, I saw it too. But I think it’s rough. How can the technology be so rough, right? The level is just like this. If you are a NBA player, you just need to give him a shot and get 6 points on average. It’s OK, isn’t it? The key is your score. You have 178 points. You have to go to 20 teams. It’s more difficult.

If you are a player who has been in 20 days, I have to study it, because these players will be taken care of. The opponent’s top defensive players and strategies are all directed at you. At this time, you can play, highlight performance, and data, that is valuable, right? It doesn’t matter if you steal a few points before you are valued by your opponent. Collins played the net today. I’ll see if the Hawks finished.

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Whether it’s the main or the substitute

If you don’t give out the data, there will be no data for authorization. If you don’t have data, you won’t be able to earn a big contract. Isn’t it a common sense that a player with an average of 7.8 points per game can’t make a big contract? Do you mean that you are incompetent, but you really don’t have so many opportunities to show yourself. You include Thomson this year, green this year, and cousins this year, right?

The all star is still a question. I won’t say, the all star is a game, the vote, the main substitute, ah, whether it’s the main or the substitute, I personally think it’s divided into two kinds, which is called rational voting. One is called, irrational, voting. What is rational voting? It’s called rational voting by expert media coaches.

It’s called irrational voting. It’s called brainless voting. It’s forced to vote by the ball. The voting of fans is brainless voting. This year, it’s this. All star voting, oh, if I remember correctly, the main players are all cast by the fans, the media and so on according to the proportion, right? The replacement team is cast by the coaches, the media and these professionals, so the proportion of fans is relatively small.

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This data is for you to share and verify our predictio

OK, let’s talk about today’s game, the warriors, the clippers, the comeback of corhines, the first game of his comeback. At this time, you can go to have a look. I didn’t watch the live broadcast, the video. I went to see it again in the evening.

This data is for you to share and verify our prediction. After kaohsins came back, he made 11 shots in this game. Now we have to focus on the observation. The number of shots in each game of kaohsins is very important, no matter who you are. Warriors, fans or the opposite of the warriors, right? You are his defection or his opposite, you are his opposite or his fans, it doesn’t matter. You have to observe the changes of the warriors after cousins arrived at the Warriors team, no matter for the better or for the worse.

Don’t worry about him. Well, let’s observe the number of shots made by koshins first. This is the most important point, because his number of shots can predict many indirect problems. Koshins made 11 shots today and Durant made 13 shots today.

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The function of this position is the same in the rocket team

I, give you a few thumbs. What problems are the Rockets have now? Not only are there some defects in the injuries, but also you don’t know who he will use in this position tomorrow, the Rockets, including the current era of small ball. Well, we always said that the theory we said before is not based on the present position.

What we are talking about is the function of function 234. In fact, the function of this position is the same in the rocket team. Maybe it is the same in some teams, but it is necessary to understand this in the Rockets. So the Rockets have only one single shot. Coffee, right. It’s five. We have to play five.

Before the sun’s machistris came over, we also suspected that if such a player could replace Cabra, you might as well play three. You can see what it is now. Well, is it a big use? It’s a waste of time and a knock on this kind of expectation. Then we can go back and say what the invoice is.

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Those Lakers fans don’t think it is useless

Look at the emergence of this contract is too big, ah, no one can eat and no significance to eat, so, those Lakers fans don’t think it is useless, it is also a drag back leg, Gasol is a little different, of course, that also thought 89%.

It is also bad contract exchange if you can’t go. As the technical center in the alliance, you can say that you can’t wait to see us before.

It’s such a player, Professor bar Yue, ah, it’s very good and worth appreciating. But I can also say that it is very responsible to say that Professor Yu has been a professional career for more than ten years. It is very low to be on the top center of the league. GD GD is very low. So you see, we haven’t said that he is the league’s first center, maybe. But in a short time.

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The new one of the Lakers is also changing

30 million must be indispensable. I just say that 30 million is the top salary of players. I don’t know how much it is, because I don’t know the salary next year. I don’t know how much it is this year. Right? Duke Zhou has come up and calculated it by himself, right? Anyway, a percentage is OK, which is the base salary of players. He, not Anthony Davis, plus Thomson, I think it can be me. Of course, we said before, oh, Anthony Davis, er, it’s not the first choice.

The first choice is Thomson, Thomson’s, even if it’s far fetched, it can be signed and solved. For the problem of seeking a match, we always say, ah, James has played for so many years. It seems that there are so many changes. The new one of the Lakers is also changing, but he still needs a shooter.

Well, because with a shooter, he can maximize his power. This is to match James and give him a knife. Well, that’s it. It’s called a guard with a knife, isn’t it? So Thompson is very suitable. James can weaken the strength of the warriors. It’s killing two birds with one stone. It’s the first choice. The first choice is very important, right? So we’ve talked a lot about other choices. We used to.

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