All-NBA’s first team:Curry, Harden, George, Antetokounmpo, Yorkick

NBA officials have just announced the All-NBA’s first team for the 2018-19 season: Stephen Curry from the Warriors, James Harden from the Rockets, Paul George from the Thunder, Adetokumbo from the Bucks, and Nicolas Jokic from the Nuggets.

Adetokumbo was voted in the first team , the first time in Adetokumbo’s career. For Adetokumbo, entering the first team is equal to the double benefits of fame and wealth. He has not only gained the honor of promoting his historical status, but also has the hope of getting a super-large contract that can rewrite history in the future.

Adetokumbo has done so well, in response to the soaring wages in the future. Although Adetokumbo’s contract does not expire until the summer of 2021, he is eligible to renew his contract ahead of time in the summer of 2020 after entering the best squad for two consecutive years, signing the largest contract in NBA history.

Before this season, James occupied a position in the first team of the best team for 11 consecutive years. His opponents changed from Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki to Kevin Durant, to Anthony Davis and Kowai Leonard. In the past 11 years, only James had a position that could not be shaken.

Nowadays, James has stepped down from the altar, and Adetokumbo , who is similar to James in many ways, is expected to succeed James and start a hegemonic business.

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