Baseball story – Tony La Russa is the founder of fake first serve?

The Oakland sportsmen of 1993 were not so good. This season ended with a 69-94 record, ranking last in the United States western region. In the season starting on April 5, the sportsman has been in the last two places of the Division since May 1, and has been in the fifth place in the west area since the future.

It’s been a bad season.

The team also has the future Hall of fame Ricky Henderson (OPS + 187) and rookie Troy Neel (OPS + 131) who has just been in the major league for one year, which is reasonable. Such a poor record is closely related to the performance of the pitchers, especially the starters.

Among the five starters, Bobby Witt played 35 times, 33 times, era + 97, fip4.02, even without credit. The other four are really It’s hard work. In contrast, the backup pitchers are just doing what they need to do.

In fact, in the face of such a bad performance of starters, the meritorious coach Tony La Russa also did not think of a way. After a bad weekend, La Russa talked to Dave Duncan, her longtime partner and pitcher coach. Duncan said to himself, “who said that the team must have four starters for more than 100 pitches, then a relay and a Terminator?”

La Russa has an idea in a flash: you can let more than one pitcher go up and take turns! For example, let three pitchers form a group, each pitcher only needs to throw three innings, about 50 balls.