Celtic attack the joint defense like this

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to talk to you. The Celtic’s 117-104 advantage in the third game of the eastern games didn’t make the series zero to three.

I think the green army attack the joint defense like this. It’s a trick to play seven games in the East. The deceptive one finally finds a way to break the joint defense, that is, to break through the ball and run and pass the ball. As long as it’s not just throwing it outside, the green army won’t be lost in the heat’s joint defense bewitching array, because the three-point ball is not their specialty, Lijun these guys.

Physical, good, strong, individual operation ability is very strong, joint defense, is just to make up for the lack of Heat team members, and once the green army is blocked by many people and do not try not to pass, they can only be outside, throw things, the third game has reached 60 points in the three second area, which is the most in the first three games.

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