Four misunderstandings that parents of players under the age of U12 have to guard against!

With the popularity of ice hockey among young people, more and more parents want their children to participate in the sport. Maybe your original intention is to strengthen their children’s physical fitness or to train their children’s team spirit. Maybe you want to lay a solid foundation for their children to study in famous American schools in the future Whatever the starting point, there is an irrefutable fact in front of us: “it is not easy to be a parent! Especially if your child is involved in or engaged in sports like ice hockey, your responsibilities will only become more complicated. “

For example, once you become one of the many ice parents, you will find that your role has increased a lot inadvertently, including driver, nanny, coach, nutritionist, cheerleader Even if you don’t know anything about hockey, you will quickly advance to become an omnipotent “senior expert” in a short time.

But just as you strive to be a qualified ice father and ice mother, you will also have a lot of confusion and confusion. The most typical and common confusion is: do you often think about your own practices and guide your children’s decisions correctly? John O’Sullivan, author of changing the game O’Sullivan) based on years of experience in professional sports and coaching youth teams, on the basis of systematic research and summary, specially pointed out some misunderstandings that are easy to fall into for the parents of players below U12 age group and gave some suggestions to get out of the misunderstandings, but also can be used as some important references for parents of other age group youth players.