General manager

Ladenway has more than 200 million contracts. Now look at these, you remember, now these are more than 200 million contracts, right? Well, let’s go over and say it. Even as for the conflict between the bottom of Ross clause and rookie clause, the bottom of rookie clause is not under consideration. As we said, it’s very unlikely that Celtic team will get Anthony Davis, but some of them can be shared. Why can’t they co-exist? Right? General manager, it’s just that you should think of this way to do the food. It’s just that sometimes it’s ugly. You can trade a little bit. In the past, it’s not enough to buy materials back. It’s so difficult, it’s just. It’s ugly, isn’t it? If you really do this, you’ll be scolded. Next year, the labor and labor agreement will not allow you to do this. Are you right? Among the gentlemen, they don’t do this kind of thing. How many people are willing to take the world’s criticism, right? Abba Owen deals with Antony Davis, I trade with me.

Don’t, don’t, give Anthony Davis 30 million dollars. Jerome brontato is trading, right

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