Hadden needs more time to go a dozen

He played his second regular game in a few months, but his state was quite different from that of the first game. In the first quarter, he steals three times, and in the third quarter, twice. Even after the Lakers were overtaken, Rondo’s government function was still positive. It can be seen that he played a very positive impact on the Lakers.

Among them, he regained the initiative. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers gave him 29 minutes of playing time. Rondo’s three layups laid the foundation for the Lakers to speed up and counterattack. The Rockets certainly hope to be faster in this round, but they can slow down because harden needs more time to play one game.

But the Lakers need to get faster because their three points are not accurate, and the Rockets’ contraction defense is very difficult. But when they used the double tower rotation defense guard for a long time in the first game, they were too big to keep up with the rocket’s speed of transferring the ball. You see, Howard didn’t do anything. In the second game, he was damp.

He also started, but he was injured after only two minutes in the third quarter, which made the Lakers play a relatively small line-up in the last 22 minutes. After six minutes in the first quarter, the score was only 10-9. Davis began to play center Rondo in the second half, and his speed of controlling the ball suddenly rose. Morris scored four three points in a row.

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