He exercises earlier than they do

X31 is too young, so it recovers quickly. It’s wrong. Oh, he thinks that after so many years, Lao Jiao is 33 years old and 34 years old. Well, they can’t recover from Achilles tendon rupture. Suddenly, when he is young, he recovers at the age of 31, and then follows them at the age of 31. He exercises earlier than they do, and recovers faster than they do. This idea is all wrong.

When a person is 28 years old, his body and function begin to move downward. He doesn’t mean that he is only 23 years old and 24 years old, and his Achilles tendon is broken. The recovery of clock out is faster than that of 31 years old, which we admit. But from one point of view, from another point of view. He’s 31 years old and his Achilles tendon is broken, which means his tolerance is worse than others, right? He’s 24 years old and 23 years old.

His Achilles tendon is broken. Well, first of all, his ability is worse. Now we’re not talking about recovery. It’s about the system of his players. His physique is like this. His physique tolerance is poor, so at this stage of his career, a little bit of Achilles tendon in his early 30s encountered a major injury. Oh, you are studying medicine.

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