How to treat the advertising and marketing methods of Wangzai?

The advertisement of Wangzai milk mainly focuses on health, freshness and good drinking. As an old well-known brand, it has certain advantages. The opportunity analysis of products is mainly to continue to expand and maintain advantages. Main highlights: first, good to drink, strong taste, appearance and packaging are very suitable for children. Second, it is healthy and rich in nutrients, such as amino acids, calcium, fat, phospholipid, vitamins, etc. in addition, it also contains vitamins BL, B2, etc., which play a great role in the growth of children and adolescents. Third, the price of similar drinks is relatively affordable. Fourth, it’s convenient. You can drink it on an empty stomach. You can drink it if you want! Advertisement language has:

1. Milk is flourishing. A little stronger, a little more prosperous.

2. Wangzai milk, did you drink it today?

3. Look at it again, and I’ll drink you. The advertisement is mainly aimed at children and parents. The scope of advertising is wide, which can be seen in various advertising media. Advertising content often choose a little boy who is a little fat to start the plot, but also in order to meet the brand’s lovely classic image. The advertising strategy is a combination of intensive bombing and long-term penetration. The front is heavy and the back is light, the front is dense and the back is sparse, the front is tight and the back is loose, the front is short and the back is long.