If the letters hit, they would be Davis’s natural enemy

The heat will face Davis in the finals. I once said that if the letter will be hit, it will become Davis’s natural enemy. Unfortunately, it has not improved in this year. Therefore, Davis has killed Europe as a hard core center.

The United States is a heresy, Hegel center Tucker and European all-around center York. Although Howard has a lot of credit, Davis, the ability to eat all week is decisive. Let me first say a few words about this note. The heat fight the Lakers, capital first, Adebayor, height, 2.06 meters.

The best defense, two array ability, outside is so far, Davis encountered the closest opponent, Adebayor or the heat attack, axis, whether he gave dragridge butler or Ronaldo pick and roll, or Duncan Robinson, to support the pass, ability, is great, progressive, in the offensive face.

Davis, he may not be able to achieve the average performance of 22 and 11 against Celtic, but he is only two centimeters shorter than Davis. This defense is tough, which will also bring certain constraints. Second, the heat have excellent overall defense, discipline contraction, cooperative defense, two or three joint defense is used a lot, so that the team with poor three points is very embarrassed.

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