In the case of losing the first choice of the New York Knicks

Combat effectiveness, or make some All-Star players, so as time goes on, the New York Knicks now, ah, still recognize and value the third line, right? It shows that New York has changed and retreated in dealing with the issue of Durant’s commercial contract. You know, the situation in New York is in a dilemma, but some fans still want Durant to join New York, so the problem comes. Now if there is no Durant, Owen will go to the Knicks in New York, which is a sharp end to the situation in Europe. In the case of losing the first choice of the New York Knicks, a lot of information has pointed out that Owen may go, Wang Lan nets. I think this is also a relatively correct and reasonable choice. New York is losing money now. Where to eat stew? It’s ahead of time. Lu Yizhi has cleared a lot of space since February this year. He is ready for the big two and big three to happen. So far, his salary structure has serious problems. Now New York is destitute and has nothing, but there are a lot of New York nets.

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