In the past two years, the Blazers have never given up a playoff team

He chose to stay at home early in the morning. He signed a five-year contract renewal of 120 million yuan and 220 million yuan with the Blazers, and replied to the fans on twitter. The northwest will never dry up. The five tigers of the pioneers will break up.

In the past two years, the Trail Blazers have never given up the playoff team. Under repeated attacks, Lillard has never fallen. He knows that as a leader, such growth will help to complete himself and a city, and even get 2016 together from reshaping the faith power here.

On April 25th, because they were defeated in the first round series of the warriors at home, they were swept away. They never wanted to leave us in this way. I was very disappointed that the team was swept by Iraq. Some male artists ended up in this way.

It’s acceptable. For this season, we’ve learned a lot from it. We’ve experienced many ups and downs. We haven’t met our expectations and lost many opportunities. Almost, the warriors in it are very difficult challenges, but it’s OK for me. I remember the last dozen games, they played well, but they showed them.

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