It will change when the time comes

This, the finals, this, on the stage, then the Bucks also need to see. Well, let’s look at the first round and the second round. If we play well, we will support it. It will change when the time comes. If we tell us that he is following the trend, it will not be biased.

Well, there must be personal preference, but that’s all. It just represents the support, not the real strength of the team. What’s the position of the real strength in our hearts? Support or support? That’s another thing. We also support the Spurs to fight the warriors. But, if you can’t play, you can’t play.

Let’s talk about the injury list. Now you can see that there are teams, players, continuous injuries and absences. Basically, there are still 20 games left. There is less time for him to start rotation. I can see that at this time today, tomorrow really has to go up. Basically, it doesn’t matter. Ah, the whole season has been fighting with injuries. Now it’s just starting to recuperate. Whether Paul George has injuries or not is a problem. Whether Thomson has injuries or not is my personal opinion. It doesn’t matter.

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