It’s an open letter

As for the piston team, when it comes to the Bucks, it’s just a little bit of resistance. Let’s talk about it. Well, when it comes to resistance, a lot of bucks fans look down on it. They don’t look good.

They don’t look good on the bucks. Well, I think this, how to say it. We feel very aggrieved, that is, we feel sympathy for the bucks. She is aggrieved, and we feel sympathy for him. Right? As we said, there are 12 in the East and West departments. The probability of turning him over is very low, especially. It’s only a few times in the past 20 years that you pinch your fingers to calculate. It’s just a very, very small probability event.

It can’t be enough. It’s beating your chest. It’s the last name. It’s an open letter. I just told you, bucks, was overturned, was overturned by the piston, right? You can’t say that unless you have full confidence, but anyone who can see through the possibility of black seven black pull, right? I can say that he is a great God level figure, even if you guess, because automatic guess is OK, right.

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