My favorite painting

In the world of fine arts, there are colorful watercolors, simple and unsophisticated sketches, childlike and lovely children’s paintings, and ancient Chinese paintings One of my favorite paintings is the work of Van Gogh, a famous Finnish painter. Since I saw it for the first time, I have been deeply in love with it.

That day, when drawing in the art training class, the teacher took out a book and opened a page for us to see. I only looked at it once, but my eyes would not move away from it. Because it’s so beautiful: in the dark night sky, a golden moon is hanging high, giving out golden and dazzling light, and there are several stars beside it, also lingering Golden Circle. The night sky also has beautiful colors. The huge nebula is like a giant dragon, circling and wriggling in the sky. The sky is light blue, giving a quiet and mysterious feeling. In the distance, the hillside appears lavender, which gives people a strange feeling. A small town on the hillside. The town is sleeping in the quiet of the night. It looks peaceful and peaceful. The top of the bell tower points uneasily to the sky. The cypress is interwoven with black, red and yellow. It is not so much a tree as a towering tower. After seeing this painting, I was intoxicated with the strong artistic atmosphere and couldn’t extricate myself. It took me a long time to slow down