Packer takes over Adams: the team has a new way to challenge the 49 man defense team

San Francisco beat Green Bay Packers 49 times in the regular season. This fact makes many people think that 49 people will make history repeat itself in the final of the League of nations.

But when davante Adams, the packer’s outsider, was asked how he could avoid another fiasco, it sounded like the packer had a new plan.

“Obviously we only got 8 points and lost more than 20 points in that game, obviously the game plan is not good enough,” Adams said. “It’s not criticizing matt or anyone. Players’ execution is obviously not good enough, but these two points are related to each other. I really like the game plan I’ve seen so far. I think it’s a better way to challenge the opponent’s defense team. “

We will soon know what Adams said about the new plan, but it is clear that the packers have made continuous progress since the 12th week. Their defensive team, especially the impact of passing, choked the opponent. The offensive team seems to be more tacit, as evidenced by last week’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Of course, in the playoffs when the regular season against their opponents, although the packer quarterback score of 91.0, the team’s record is only 4-5. In fact, the packers lost their last five playoffs to teams that lost in the regular season.

This is, of course, Matt LaFleur’s first playoff for packers, and they are only a step away from the super bowl. Maybe they can change history. We will soon know if they can do that.