I just try to live in the moment

I’m just trying to live in the present, to live in the present, James said that only God knows how long we can play on the court, and once he decides that I can’t play again, then I’ll choose to leave.

The rest of the players in the league, in the end, hope he’s joking. If James says it’s true, then his career is just around the corner, half of it in Denver.

He’s just turned 29, but look at what he’s achieved so far. His total score is 22016, 29th in NBA history and against king.

He’s just passed Larry Bird and Gary Payton in wolves, and if he’s healthy, according to the average score per game this season, he’ll be able to overtake Chris Drake Ross in just three weeks. Yes.

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Wolves management is not willing to pay for guys who are only good at fast break

Should that line of lyrics, once dreamt of walking across the world with a sword, but now it’s home from all over the world. When they first came to the Timberwolves, the tribe once dreamed of becoming the successor of the wolf king Garnett. In the end, he still failed to escape the trading order.

Maybe the team is because her thin body is not suitable for the NBA level confrontation, maybe it is the ligament strain in 2008, maybe it is the Timberwolves in the same position. Here comes the more suitable player, Wesley Johnson. The story ends in a banal plot, and wolves management is reluctant to pay for guys who are only good at fast break.

The tribe, who was still in the rookie contract, was traded and came to the Knicks. After he came to the Knicks, he was immediately abandoned. The Knicks’ revival plan did not include the name of Kerry Tribune, but the superstar at that time.

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Even if the other side is stronger, they are eager to win

With a big score of 0-2 behind the disadvantage to return to the familiar cave, they hope for a wonderful Feast for the city, even if the other side is stronger, they are eager to use victory to comfort Popovich who is in a difficult situation.

Even if he is not here at the moment, the reality is not a fairy tale. Facing the strong competitive advantage, the third home victory rate of the regular season league can not bring victory for itself. 97-110, eight series scores, Gan lags behind. In this competition, it is difficult to find a flip flop to satisfy you. For example, when he was young, she was 41 years old and she was 21 years old.

However, the 36 year old Parker pen, who was still the Argentine wind chaser with long hair, was back in the 2007 finals with a full tank of gas.

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This time McGrady chose to retire from the game

Different from the previous repeated defeats, this time McGrady chose to retire from the rain, succeed in revenge and win the championship. Everything has nothing to do with McGrady. It seems that he always likes to joke with McGrady, but the team broke the magic spell of the first round and announced that the team has won the championship.

T-Mac appeared at a time when he was never drunk. But for fans, it’s the right time for us to witness the legend of T-Mac and experience the madness and happiness it brings us. You say that his career is brilliant, but T-Mac has congenital spinal curvature. Doctors predict that his career is only five to six years, but he has persisted for 16 years. You say, he I don’t like defense. T-Mac was ignorant.

Defense is dirty work, but later in the magic score too outstanding, people gradually forget how hard his defense, and then was trapped in injury, defense is really inadequate. He is convinced by his ability, but Yao Ming is the one who has carried the team and led the team to continue winning. For example, he doesn’t like training, but he has grown from a stupid youth who doesn’t play a ball very well to a team. Is it really just that.

This is T-Mac, who doesn’t complain about the outside world, doesn’t complain about the outside world, and wants to act. This is McGrady’s understatement. As always, he kept a low profile, but when he thought about the retired T-Mac, he would have time to accompany his family.

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Hadden needs more time to go a dozen

He played his second regular game in a few months, but his state was quite different from that of the first game. In the first quarter, he steals three times, and in the third quarter, twice. Even after the Lakers were overtaken, Rondo’s government function was still positive. It can be seen that he played a very positive impact on the Lakers.

Among them, he regained the initiative. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers gave him 29 minutes of playing time. Rondo’s three layups laid the foundation for the Lakers to speed up and counterattack. The Rockets certainly hope to be faster in this round, but they can slow down because harden needs more time to play one game.

But the Lakers need to get faster because their three points are not accurate, and the Rockets’ contraction defense is very difficult. But when they used the double tower rotation defense guard for a long time in the first game, they were too big to keep up with the rocket’s speed of transferring the ball. You see, Howard didn’t do anything. In the second game, he was damp.

He also started, but he was injured after only two minutes in the third quarter, which made the Lakers play a relatively small line-up in the last 22 minutes. After six minutes in the first quarter, the score was only 10-9. Davis began to play center Rondo in the second half, and his speed of controlling the ball suddenly rose. Morris scored four three points in a row.

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If it’s really practiced, you need to leave

From an average of 6:8, not very good at playing basketball, it has become an MVP, it has become a mature father from a thin, numb, rod like child.

The biggest change of her youth was spent here, and in the past seven years, he did not learn to shoot like Durant, so he could not be as perfect as magic and LeBron.

Organization forward, your current level, of course, he will be scrambled by all over the country, but once left the Bucks, he will not think, ah, the Bucks do that, the absolute boss here, unless, he practice his own three-point and free throw, but if he really practice out, still need to leave? OK, thank you for watching.

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Let’s send off the Rockets

Hello, welcome to see my article. Today, let’s send off the Rockets. The Rockets left Disneyland in a way they couldn’t love. It was another mediocre season for them.

But the beginning and the end are full of ugly plots. The season is really about to start. Their general manager has personally broken the market that NBA has been working hard for more than 30 years in China. The season is coming to an end. A woman enters his dirty room and faces the room. This is the rocket team, which Chinese fans have loved for more than 20 years.

The Rockets, the Chinese home team that will leave for NBA tomorrow, is the first NBA team to appear on Chinese TV. It is the NBA team that once had the largest share of the Chinese market. It is the first NBA team with Chinese Hall of fame members. They are promoting basketball in China.

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Celtic attack the joint defense like this

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to talk to you. The Celtic’s 117-104 advantage in the third game of the eastern games didn’t make the series zero to three.

I think the green army attack the joint defense like this. It’s a trick to play seven games in the East. The deceptive one finally finds a way to break the joint defense, that is, to break through the ball and run and pass the ball. As long as it’s not just throwing it outside, the green army won’t be lost in the heat’s joint defense bewitching array, because the three-point ball is not their specialty, Lijun these guys.

Physical, good, strong, individual operation ability is very strong, joint defense, is just to make up for the lack of Heat team members, and once the green army is blocked by many people and do not try not to pass, they can only be outside, throw things, the third game has reached 60 points in the three second area, which is the most in the first three games.

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If the letters hit, they would be Davis’s natural enemy

The heat will face Davis in the finals. I once said that if the letter will be hit, it will become Davis’s natural enemy. Unfortunately, it has not improved in this year. Therefore, Davis has killed Europe as a hard core center.

The United States is a heresy, Hegel center Tucker and European all-around center York. Although Howard has a lot of credit, Davis, the ability to eat all week is decisive. Let me first say a few words about this note. The heat fight the Lakers, capital first, Adebayor, height, 2.06 meters.

The best defense, two array ability, outside is so far, Davis encountered the closest opponent, Adebayor or the heat attack, axis, whether he gave dragridge butler or Ronaldo pick and roll, or Duncan Robinson, to support the pass, ability, is great, progressive, in the offensive face.

Davis, he may not be able to achieve the average performance of 22 and 11 against Celtic, but he is only two centimeters shorter than Davis. This defense is tough, which will also bring certain constraints. Second, the heat have excellent overall defense, discipline contraction, cooperative defense, two or three joint defense is used a lot, so that the team with poor three points is very embarrassed.

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NBA is a small society

Let’s talk about this, er, Paul’s fine. The agent, Paul, is overweight and fined. For example, we didn’t receive it last time. Let’s talk about it again on this program, hoping that the fans can enjoy it. Put more energy on the game. If you can understand the game, let’s first say, right? There are too many other things. NBA is a small society. You know what you know, and you don’t know if you don’t know. Labor agreement and player contract are the things that I don’t understand the most, because they are too professional. We, domestic, all the people are, reprint is back-to-back, are, foreign language translation, and then only your translation software is good or bad, English is good or bad, I don’t believe ah, a person in China, you can understand foreign slang every day the new vocabulary changes, this is bullshit.

It’s all bullshit. We now, every year we appear on the Internet. You can see how many words we have in China. There are only, how many, many, many, twitter and instagram that you can’t understand. People use slang and some simple words, er, this, this, this, er abbreviation. You don’t know what you don’t know. So these bragging, stupid discount, bragging, articles, long writing, much better writing, if you analyze the tactical analysis, routine players, play this thing

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