The bucks are all over the world

The Celtic bucks game is still in the middle of the game. There is still a 20 point episode after the game. It’s OK. The game is right. We’re going to win the game. Well, it’s the score of the reindeer team. In order to win the game, the Tower Convention is the super strong attack ability. The breakthrough attack ability is more important than the missile for stability. It is very stable for the missile. It is the missile that goes up and down in Shanghai. The Bucks have strong scoring ability and she is stable and not hungry. The data bucks are very strange to the modern European data. The data bucks are now the three advantages. We mentioned the three advantages in the previous program, which three advantages. The first letter is Guo Kun Bo. Kunbo has no solution. I want to say that you can observe the situation of Kunbo in the half court.

The breakthrough is not so arrogant, but if you don’t settle down, it’s better if you don’t settle down. If you pass through Kunbo, you can’t get the ball and break through you. You have to turn a person that day, and what kind of injuries do you have to shine on? This kind of turning is too fast. His body is wide and tied, and his inverted triangle figure is reflected very well. We are not satisfied with our skills. We are not satisfied with our ability. We turn too fast. You are sure that he will find you to kill and make you foul. This is his first advantage. He is not afraid to change his position. It has great promotion power. It’s too rustic, ugly, convex, convex. The second advantage is that he shoots too many three-point shooters on the outside line. It’s really too many and too wide spread. It’s not to say that he focuses on one or two scoring points. Three points, every player feels that every player can pitch as well as many poor people. Well, what’s going on? He, roll. It feels like, ah, a perfect team’s advantage in the third year is the rebounding advantage. If these two big centers have Ronaldinho on the rebound, first of all, you are more shocked than the big center. We always say that if you don’t have a camp to play center, you will lack this point