The Celtics couldn’t find anyone to stop him waiting for Fred hoyburg

After that, it’s more terrible than all the players in the Celtic team put together. When Robin Robin Lopez was in the Celtic team’s interior, Celtic couldn’t find anyone to stop him waiting for Fred hoyberg.

Even in the first two games, he held down the Celtic’s thought, Hao’s transfer ball and used it in turn. When Isaiah Thomas was in charge, Celtic didn’t seem to have much to do. Although they were the first in the East, they didn’t have the ability to do it alone except Tomas.

The star players who changed the trend of the whole game, their regular lineup, seemed too slow, too short and too gifted to cope with the supply. Please enter judo week and tumble to the ground. After losing the game, coach Stevens made a decisive adjustment. He won from the starting line-up, Amir Johnson, and then took it out and played 47 substitute games in the regular season.

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