The first time you enter the playoffs, you get to the finals

James, because he entered the playoffs for the first time in his career, made it to the finals. Owen claimed to be the emperor and the fans especially passed after the two became teammates.

Day and night, the main body produced, appreciate and learn from the great first person in the League to use a lot of basketball field. One season, oruma dye James at the critical moment, not surprised, touched Owen who wanted to be the leader.

This is the courage and wisdom that the latter needs to study, so although he once had a conflict with Zhan Huang, he was finally conquered and solved by Owen, who finally resolved into a butterfly in the finals.

Speaking of the world has proved their own, superstar this season’s regular season is actually stumbling and stumbling, and finally even lost the first place in the East, but the team is united and United, and once again in the playoffs as expected. In addition to the strong combat effectiveness, this, which solves the trouble, the rapid growth of Owen played a key role.

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