The key is that harden is strong or harden plays well

It’s very good. Well, these transactions are all done, which is equivalent to, er, getting in place, er, getting rid of Wright’s contract, and the whole team is getting better and better. The key is that harden is strong or harden plays well. We can say that. You can be the starter. Ah, you can be the starter again. It’s not right to match with kabela.

Who will fight in the face? As we said before, it’s some mainstream media on the Internet. It’s, er, this website platform, it’s Fabio’s sister, and it’s kabela of the Rockets. There are countless burning eyebrows. I’m not like that. You see, it’s the same time that acabera and Matteo are playing, and they will encourage and play for a long time. D’Antoni himself said right or not, who are you free?

Who are you going to play? You should go to house’s bench, Clark’s bench and Chris’s bench now. You can say either of them. Yes, yes, go. The title for Ennis is no longer there. You can say who you are, and now you are the substitute for Gordon. So you have to have a clear understanding of the Rockets. He is in the process of change. What he wants to do now, right? You have to know what the Rockets want to do.

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