There are a lot of guards in Brown’s basketball net

There are a lot of guards in Brown’s basketball net. I feel like Eminem said that there will be follow-up actions. Yes, they have Owen waddleville, Vette and brawn Cavaliers. There are only five guards in the back field. In fact, Harris can play the second position, including this temple.

Chen Pu, in fact, he can also play the second position guard, so their backcourt line is very, very crowded. Don’t forget, the nets and the playoffs are very good. Fan those big God TL C French boy Eminem, your French opportunity has come again. He really needs to have a big action with the net.

Well, this big move, in fact, is also probably the most heard, and this is the most important deal in the off-season, that is, James Harden, who has been constantly rumored with the nets and has been clearly stated in the modern team that he can’t go on.

The rumor about harden’s joining the nets has been spreading for nearly a week. The specific nets have given out who sold the chips. In fact, there is no final conclusion now. It is reported that the nets are willing to give out lewell dingweidi and Allen in exchange for Hadd in the future, which means Hadd.

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