There are so many goals I want to achieve

There were so many goals I wanted to achieve, and he was right. A few minutes later, he forgot that we had a relaxed and profound conversation in the dressing room. The performance affected the slam dunk contest. The hot dream is now burning even more. This is the Laker.

The lad who couldn’t make it to the starting line-up of the All-Star team, that is, the Los Angeles team suffered a lot in the 19961999 season. Owner jeribati decided to make a mess of this set of empty and talented lineups.

Since then, Kobe was so lonely, lonely and frustrated that he lost in his third season, when she was just over 20 years old, and I wanted to be the Savior. I don’t know about the desire to be a top player, I just want to fulfill this dream now, but I have to find a way to do it later, no matter how ridiculous the revolutionary goal looked at that time, in his career in 2016.

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