There is no need to change much

However, I always think that, ha, the Laker team, the current lineup is OK, there is no need to change much, because its rudiment is still in dad’s formula, so whether it is bill or said, bill also has trading rumors, and I see it today. Second, it’s wall, right?

Well, when we come to the Laker team, the Laker team still needs to rebuild, and we have to rebuild a set of this foundation. For the developing team, er, time is a huge test and a huge problem. If you are a team with a three-year and five-year plan in the future, five years is too long, two years and three years can also be tried. But for James, he is 34 years old, and he has no time for you to make such changes and plans, so.

Because for the Lakers, it must be a super star, James, who can win a hand. Only when he can win will he be moved. Maybe he will fight. For example, Thompson, who is waiting for the warriors next year, is waiting for Leonard.

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