These three points to throw in

It’s stubborn. Ingram or Boer are going to shoot the three points. James, Hart must have been looked after by the key people at this time. So these balls may fall into the hands of these three people unintentionally or inadvertently.

You, how, choose, ah, it’s very difficult, you give them disrespect, you give them a waste of opportunity, you go to see, Ingram kushma, some ball’s three-point shooting rate is very low, so at this time, you can only hope James can stand up.

These three points to throw in, tie, don’t think of the anti super ah, this time play two points, James must be breakthrough ah, or that is the backward jump shot, absolutely ah, no matter how difficult, drift very, no matter skew, so ah, for the Lakers. At this time, it is equivalent to danger. If you have one or two subjects, even one more, you can make the score. Well, you may have to come back if you can. Sorry to answer the phone. Well, we said that before.

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