This is a pit for the Bucks, and I think the letter brother is very depressed now

This is a little too careful. If you want to be bad, you are right. This has made the Bucks pit, and it is estimated that the letter brother is also very depressed. Then, I would like to add that the key point is that this transaction seems to be impossible now. That is, the Bucks announced this afternoon that they would cut off the Yili compressed version, which was originally used in this transaction.

That’s the bear deer. This may also indicate that they have given up the pursuit of Bogdanovic. Then what kind of action will the Bucks take to further strengthen his lineup in the off-season? This is worth our attention. One of the reasons is that if the Bucks enter the NBA.

In the final, she will face the defending NBA title this year. The champion Los Angeles Lakers have already completed a deal before the Bucks, that is, the Lakers and the thunder have reached a deal for their own Denny green and the first round draft in 2020.

I gave it to thunder and got their sixth man Schroeder from thunder. If this deal can be more controversial than this one, I think the three of us should be very consistent in their ideas about this deal. I think we will all think it is a win-win deal.

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