This time McGrady chose to retire from the game

Different from the previous repeated defeats, this time McGrady chose to retire from the rain, succeed in revenge and win the championship. Everything has nothing to do with McGrady. It seems that he always likes to joke with McGrady, but the team broke the magic spell of the first round and announced that the team has won the championship.

T-Mac appeared at a time when he was never drunk. But for fans, it’s the right time for us to witness the legend of T-Mac and experience the madness and happiness it brings us. You say that his career is brilliant, but T-Mac has congenital spinal curvature. Doctors predict that his career is only five to six years, but he has persisted for 16 years. You say, he I don’t like defense. T-Mac was ignorant.

Defense is dirty work, but later in the magic score too outstanding, people gradually forget how hard his defense, and then was trapped in injury, defense is really inadequate. He is convinced by his ability, but Yao Ming is the one who has carried the team and led the team to continue winning. For example, he doesn’t like training, but he has grown from a stupid youth who doesn’t play a ball very well to a team. Is it really just that.

This is T-Mac, who doesn’t complain about the outside world, doesn’t complain about the outside world, and wants to act. This is McGrady’s understatement. As always, he kept a low profile, but when he thought about the retired T-Mac, he would have time to accompany his family.

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