Warm and soft praise of life

When you see this group of dazzling oil paintings, no matter you are an expert or an ordinary audience, I believe you will be infected, moved and shocked by the gripping pictures.

As an ordinary art education practitioner, he has enjoyed countless good works and worshipped many famous artists. Painters of different styles, different characteristics, different forms of expression show their own abilities. Direct painting is free and easy, classical painting is rigorous, and super realistic painting is delicate. It’s all admirable. Some painters have great modeling ability and some have strong color feeling. What’s more, they are good at creating a picture mood. However, it’s rare to see all the specialties in one. When I have read the works of American contemporary painter Pino Dei many times, I can’t help but fall in love with his extraordinary talent. Pinodeeni’s works are precise, beautiful and moving. His color, eye-catching and beautiful, and the mood of the picture he creates is like a prose poem, which has a profound and long artistic conception. In particular, his leaping strokes and skillful techniques have reached the point where a fine pen makes a fresh flower. Let me look up and admire him.

Pino Daeni is the most famous contemporary American painting master. Pino deini was born in Italy in 1939. He once studied at the famous Bari Art Institute, and then transferred to the blara Art Institute in Milan for further study. In the cradle of the painter, he studied the structure of the human body and further improved his painting skills under the influence of Rafael’s avant-garde school and March Yuri. In 1979, he participated in several major joint exhibitions of Italy and Europe.