Wolves management is not willing to pay for guys who are only good at fast break

Should that line of lyrics, once dreamt of walking across the world with a sword, but now it’s home from all over the world. When they first came to the Timberwolves, the tribe once dreamed of becoming the successor of the wolf king Garnett. In the end, he still failed to escape the trading order.

Maybe the team is because her thin body is not suitable for the NBA level confrontation, maybe it is the ligament strain in 2008, maybe it is the Timberwolves in the same position. Here comes the more suitable player, Wesley Johnson. The story ends in a banal plot, and wolves management is reluctant to pay for guys who are only good at fast break.

The tribe, who was still in the rookie contract, was traded and came to the Knicks. After he came to the Knicks, he was immediately abandoned. The Knicks’ revival plan did not include the name of Kerry Tribune, but the superstar at that time.

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