Blood earned? Devil’s two draft signings for striker Gustav to decide the winner of the deal

The Vegas golden Cavaliers made a deal with the New Jersey Devils to send Nikita Gusev for the second round of 2021 and the third round of 2020. Then, the devils signed gooseff for two years, worth an average of $4.5 million a year.

Gusev is 27 years old, 175cm tall and 74kg. As the MVP of KHL last season, he scored 82 points (17 goals, 65 assists) in 62 games. Led Russia to win the gold medal in the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, and contributed 4 points (2 goals, 2 assists) in the final, and finally Russia won Germany 4-3.

For such a talented player, why only two draft signings? The reason for this is whether the general managers of NHL are willing to take the risk to bet on his upper limit in NHL.

There have been players who have been successful since returning to the NHL from KHL, such as Alexander radulov, who scored 72 points in a single season in his two seasons with Serkin and this year as a forward partner. But for KHL players who have never had NHL experience, there are certain risks. For example, Vadim shipachyov, also the top scorer of KHL, was sent to AHL after three appearances of golden Cavaliers, and finally chose to return to KHL.

The devil team signed Jack Hughes as the top scorer, PK subban as the top guard in the trade, and Wayne Simmons as the experienced right winger in the free agent market, which greatly improved the team’s strength.

Gutseff is likely to enter the first and second group of attack, with Hughes or hichel partner. In theory, Gusev can enhance the attack depth of the devil team and become the second group of left wingers after Taylor hall. In addition, gutseff may compete with hiescher and Simmons for a strong group of seats, which gives him the chance to reach 50-55 points in his first NHL season.

Playoff Championship: chieftain vs Titan

sixth seeded Tennessee Titan will challenge the Kansas City chief, who showed terrible firepower in the face of the Houston Texans, after beating the New England Patriot with the first defensive group and the Baltimore Raven with the first offensive group in a row. The two teams have played each other in this season’s regular season, and Titan won by a 35-32 reversal. Now in the playoffs, can they continue to replicate the win? Or does the chieftain prove that he’s a top contender and is strong enough to get into the super bowl?


Can the chieftain defense limit running guard Derek Henry?

The Titan running guard, derrick Henry, is probably the most dazzling star in the whole league in the playoffs this year. In two playoffs, he shot 188.5 yards per game. He is the first player in history to achieve 175 yards in two single playoffs, and the first player to do so in two consecutive games. This season, he continued to push the number of yards after contact with his opponent’s defenders to 1567, ranking first in the league. For such a big runner who is hard to catch, the chief’s defense against the ball will undoubtedly face an arduous test. In the regular season of the two teams, Henry finished 23 times to reach 188 yards and 2 times. Of course, after this game, the chief’s defense has changed a lot. They limit their opponents to 94.9 yards per game. However, the injury of Chris Jones may still affect the defense team’s performance. If Jones can’t do his best, then the seven man defence on the front line of the Emirates may have a headache against Henry, who may have gained a lot of ball rights. It is worth noting what they will do to limit Henry.

Titan defense group can limit the chief attack group?

For Henry to be as powerful as he can be, Titan has to put the game into its own rhythm. In the last three games, Henry was able to win 33 times because Titan did not lag behind the opponent in about 147 minutes in 180 minutes. But in the face of the powerful attack team of the chief, it will be a very difficult task. Quarterback Patrick mahome and his teammates took 10 minutes in the second quarter of the game to close the 24-point gap and eventually hit a wave of 51-7. In the regular season of the two teams hand in hand, mahames 50 times pass 36 times successfully achieved 446 yards 3 times to the formation.

Packer takes over Adams: the team has a new way to challenge the 49 man defense team

San Francisco beat Green Bay Packers 49 times in the regular season. This fact makes many people think that 49 people will make history repeat itself in the final of the League of nations.

But when davante Adams, the packer’s outsider, was asked how he could avoid another fiasco, it sounded like the packer had a new plan.

“Obviously we only got 8 points and lost more than 20 points in that game, obviously the game plan is not good enough,” Adams said. “It’s not criticizing matt or anyone. Players’ execution is obviously not good enough, but these two points are related to each other. I really like the game plan I’ve seen so far. I think it’s a better way to challenge the opponent’s defense team. “

We will soon know what Adams said about the new plan, but it is clear that the packers have made continuous progress since the 12th week. Their defensive team, especially the impact of passing, choked the opponent. The offensive team seems to be more tacit, as evidenced by last week’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Of course, in the playoffs when the regular season against their opponents, although the packer quarterback score of 91.0, the team’s record is only 4-5. In fact, the packers lost their last five playoffs to teams that lost in the regular season.

This is, of course, Matt LaFleur’s first playoff for packers, and they are only a step away from the super bowl. Maybe they can change history. We will soon know if they can do that.