What is the recommended brand of baseball uniform?

Every time someone says to me, “XX figure is really handsome!” Joyce was thinking: are you sure? What if someone changed a suit with a shape? For Chaoren, the street is a show. It’s autumn and winter. The Baseball Jacket with both classic design and cold resistance is the sharp weapon of your up style. It’s a good match. Passers-by becomes a man in a second! It’s been a long time since the big brands saw each other’s baseball shirts! What are you waiting for? Follow Joyce and see how they PK!

Before viewing, briefly explain the design pattern of the baseball shirt. 90% of them follow this principle: the top left side of the front of the body is the brand logo, and the right side is selectively attached with letters or patterns. The sleeves and back will be rendered with some small details according to the situation (figure 1 and 2 below). Is it so easy? Yes! Many universities have designed their own baseball suits based on this, and the last one is a sample picture of Peking University.

Since the school can play so beautiful and greasy, there is no doubt that the battle of baseball uniforms in the fashion world is more intense! The question is, which is the best one to make baseball shirts? The answer is: MLB! With the purity of “making a Baseball Shirt quietly”, MLB gathers all kinds of fabrics and tailored baseball jackets. Of course, fake x-treasure is rampant, and it’s a test of intelligence to find out the genuine! Autumn and winter new product price 1000 + is normal.

Do you want to study advertising?

  1. If your school is familiar with 211 / 985, Congratulations, bring your own halo. Although the advertising threshold is relatively low, some large companies will still compare their education background. I have a friend who graduated from Xiamen University in advertising. From internship to job hunting later, when interviewing, he will get a lot of points;
  2. If your school is the same as me, this is a general school, it doesn’t matter. When you are in college, please train your logic as much as possible! Advertising is a very comprehensive discipline. As long as my classmates have engaged in advertising, design, copywriting, planning and Akon in the future, their follow-up professional ability is to improve themselves, but the logical ability is really very important. Those who just leave the school should say whose major is better than who can’t see it, but the ideas and probation period expressed during the interview To a great extent, it really determines whether a person can mix well in this field. From the perspective of some new people I interviewed or brought with me, as long as I have a clear mind, I really leave my peers for a big street;
  3. If you don’t know which job you want to be engaged in after graduation, please go to the library as much as possible and read more books when you are in University. For example, fashion magazine, design, art, photography, psychology, marketing, eloquence speech, literature

Why is there no female player in the NBA?

In the early days of NBA, there were many girls who had sex with NBA players. For example, in the 1970s, two female players were close to joining the NBA, and one of them even reached a contract with the NBA team.

The signing was Anna Meyers, who signed a $50000 contract with the Pacers in 1979 and became the first female player to sign with an NBA team. However, the pace of Meyers’ history creation stopped. After the trial training, the walkers did not put it on the list. Meyers finally ended her cooperation with the walkers as a live commentator. After that, sports writer Carly Porter wrote it into his book “mad seasons”, which describes the development of American women’s basketball. Later, Meyers was elected to the hall of fame for his achievements in women’s basketball.

Unlike Meyers, another woman close to joining the NBA, Lucia Harris, who was chosen at the 1977 draft convention, didn’t join the NBA because she was pregnant. Harris is the first woman to be selected officially by the NBA. Of course, the NBA draft system in the 1970s is different from today’s. at that time, the NBA had eight rounds of draft (even 20 earlier), and some extremely boring NBA teams (such as the Warriors) would even choose their own team’s managers to dismiss the draft right at the draft conference. Harris’s ranking was 137th in the seventh round.

How to treat the advertising and marketing methods of Wangzai?

The advertisement of Wangzai milk mainly focuses on health, freshness and good drinking. As an old well-known brand, it has certain advantages. The opportunity analysis of products is mainly to continue to expand and maintain advantages. Main highlights: first, good to drink, strong taste, appearance and packaging are very suitable for children. Second, it is healthy and rich in nutrients, such as amino acids, calcium, fat, phospholipid, vitamins, etc. in addition, it also contains vitamins BL, B2, etc., which play a great role in the growth of children and adolescents. Third, the price of similar drinks is relatively affordable. Fourth, it’s convenient. You can drink it on an empty stomach. You can drink it if you want! Advertisement language has:

1. Milk is flourishing. A little stronger, a little more prosperous.

2. Wangzai milk, did you drink it today?

3. Look at it again, and I’ll drink you. The advertisement is mainly aimed at children and parents. The scope of advertising is wide, which can be seen in various advertising media. Advertising content often choose a little boy who is a little fat to start the plot, but also in order to meet the brand’s lovely classic image. The advertising strategy is a combination of intensive bombing and long-term penetration. The front is heavy and the back is light, the front is dense and the back is sparse, the front is tight and the back is loose, the front is short and the back is long.

Four misunderstandings that parents of players under the age of U12 have to guard against!

With the popularity of ice hockey among young people, more and more parents want their children to participate in the sport. Maybe your original intention is to strengthen their children’s physical fitness or to train their children’s team spirit. Maybe you want to lay a solid foundation for their children to study in famous American schools in the future Whatever the starting point, there is an irrefutable fact in front of us: “it is not easy to be a parent! Especially if your child is involved in or engaged in sports like ice hockey, your responsibilities will only become more complicated. “

For example, once you become one of the many ice parents, you will find that your role has increased a lot inadvertently, including driver, nanny, coach, nutritionist, cheerleader Even if you don’t know anything about hockey, you will quickly advance to become an omnipotent “senior expert” in a short time.

But just as you strive to be a qualified ice father and ice mother, you will also have a lot of confusion and confusion. The most typical and common confusion is: do you often think about your own practices and guide your children’s decisions correctly? John O’Sullivan, author of changing the game O’Sullivan) based on years of experience in professional sports and coaching youth teams, on the basis of systematic research and summary, specially pointed out some misunderstandings that are easy to fall into for the parents of players below U12 age group and gave some suggestions to get out of the misunderstandings, but also can be used as some important references for parents of other age group youth players.

Warm and soft praise of life

When you see this group of dazzling oil paintings, no matter you are an expert or an ordinary audience, I believe you will be infected, moved and shocked by the gripping pictures.

As an ordinary art education practitioner, he has enjoyed countless good works and worshipped many famous artists. Painters of different styles, different characteristics, different forms of expression show their own abilities. Direct painting is free and easy, classical painting is rigorous, and super realistic painting is delicate. It’s all admirable. Some painters have great modeling ability and some have strong color feeling. What’s more, they are good at creating a picture mood. However, it’s rare to see all the specialties in one. When I have read the works of American contemporary painter Pino Dei many times, I can’t help but fall in love with his extraordinary talent. Pinodeeni’s works are precise, beautiful and moving. His color, eye-catching and beautiful, and the mood of the picture he creates is like a prose poem, which has a profound and long artistic conception. In particular, his leaping strokes and skillful techniques have reached the point where a fine pen makes a fresh flower. Let me look up and admire him.

Pino Daeni is the most famous contemporary American painting master. Pino deini was born in Italy in 1939. He once studied at the famous Bari Art Institute, and then transferred to the blara Art Institute in Milan for further study. In the cradle of the painter, he studied the structure of the human body and further improved his painting skills under the influence of Rafael’s avant-garde school and March Yuri. In 1979, he participated in several major joint exhibitions of Italy and Europe.

Baseball story – Tony La Russa is the founder of fake first serve?

The Oakland sportsmen of 1993 were not so good. This season ended with a 69-94 record, ranking last in the United States western region. In the season starting on April 5, the sportsman has been in the last two places of the Division since May 1, and has been in the fifth place in the west area since the future.

It’s been a bad season.

The team also has the future Hall of fame Ricky Henderson (OPS + 187) and rookie Troy Neel (OPS + 131) who has just been in the major league for one year, which is reasonable. Such a poor record is closely related to the performance of the pitchers, especially the starters.

Among the five starters, Bobby Witt played 35 times, 33 times, era + 97, fip4.02, even without credit. The other four are really It’s hard work. In contrast, the backup pitchers are just doing what they need to do.

In fact, in the face of such a bad performance of starters, the meritorious coach Tony La Russa also did not think of a way. After a bad weekend, La Russa talked to Dave Duncan, her longtime partner and pitcher coach. Duncan said to himself, “who said that the team must have four starters for more than 100 pitches, then a relay and a Terminator?”

La Russa has an idea in a flash: you can let more than one pitcher go up and take turns! For example, let three pitchers form a group, each pitcher only needs to throw three innings, about 50 balls.

My favorite painting

In the world of fine arts, there are colorful watercolors, simple and unsophisticated sketches, childlike and lovely children’s paintings, and ancient Chinese paintings One of my favorite paintings is the work of Van Gogh, a famous Finnish painter. Since I saw it for the first time, I have been deeply in love with it.

That day, when drawing in the art training class, the teacher took out a book and opened a page for us to see. I only looked at it once, but my eyes would not move away from it. Because it’s so beautiful: in the dark night sky, a golden moon is hanging high, giving out golden and dazzling light, and there are several stars beside it, also lingering Golden Circle. The night sky also has beautiful colors. The huge nebula is like a giant dragon, circling and wriggling in the sky. The sky is light blue, giving a quiet and mysterious feeling. In the distance, the hillside appears lavender, which gives people a strange feeling. A small town on the hillside. The town is sleeping in the quiet of the night. It looks peaceful and peaceful. The top of the bell tower points uneasily to the sky. The cypress is interwoven with black, red and yellow. It is not so much a tree as a towering tower. After seeing this painting, I was intoxicated with the strong artistic atmosphere and couldn’t extricate myself. It took me a long time to slow down