Renoir’s classic oil paintings

Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) is a famous painter and sculptor of French Impressionism. At first, it was closely related to the Impressionist movement. His early works are typical Impressionist Works recording real life, full of dazzling brilliance. However, in the mid-1980s, he split away from the Impressionist movement and turned to develop more rigorous and formal painting techniques in portrait painting and portrait painting, especially in women’s portrait painting.

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born into a family of poor tailors in limogh. At the age of 5, the family moved to Paris. At the age of 13, they had learned how to draw porcelain paintings. In the 1970s, Renoir and Monet often went out together to paint, learn from each other’s art and explore the painting of light and color.

In 1874, Renoir participated in the first Impressionist painting exhibition with the painting box, which marked the maturity of Renoir’s style. Later, in 1876, he used this method to show the grand scene in the painting of the ball in Moulin Rouge. Through the little sunshine of the trees, he sprinkled it on people’s bodies, faces, tables and grasslands. He really practiced the slogan of “light is the master of painting”. It is an important representative work of impressionist painting in terms of customs. On the surface, I can see three descriptions of the lively and cheerful atmosphere of a famous open-air cafe and dance ground in Paris. In fact, the real theme is the sunshine shining through the leaves. The sunlight on people’s body has caused rich light and color changes, which fully shows the impressionist painter’s high sensitivity to the light and color changes in real life.

Expound the field function of lower heat transfer floral film

Not professional personnel, may be very unfamiliar with the term “heat transfer film”. However, although it is not known to most people, heat transfer printing film plays an important role in our life. The reason for this is that in our life, many of the products we use have applied the technology of heat transfer floral film to achieve beautiful results.

Although the name of heat transfer printing film is very professional, but simply put, we can all know its principle. It’s very similar to the mapping principle we used to play when we were children. We transfer the patterns on the film to other objects. However, compared with the mapping, the heat transfer film also applies the principle of heat and pressure. First, the heat transfer film is heated, and then quickly pasted on the object. The method is very simple and easy, there are many things in our hands, although there are exquisite patterns. However, in the production of these products in the factory, there are many products that can’t directly engrave the pattern on the goods, at this time, it needs to use the heat transfer film technology.

Like furniture, wood flooring and glass products, it uses heat transfer film. These materials are often difficult to make patterns directly on it. Even if the patterns are forced to be engraved, their fineness can not meet the requirements. With the heat transfer film, as long as the pattern on the heat transfer film, no matter how complex the pattern, it can be easily transferred to the surface of the object. This advantage of heat transfer flower film has also been found by more and more people. Technicians are also trying to apply heat transfer flower film in other fields, believing that it will be more and more widely used in life.

What kind of player is Adebayor of the heat?

I don’t know if you have seen this moving picture.

In the picture, Kendrick Perkins is the one who dribbles the ball behind the back in the crotch and has changed a lot. Do you have the impression that

There is a big difference in the awkward image that can only be used as a defensive blue collar and can’t handle the ball at all? This is the survival status of NBA.

This kind of situation is a bit like the job demand of large enterprises. When this operation group matures, their demand for personnel will gradually change from all

What the team wants more than your promotion in all aspects is

You can specialize in a field that maximizes your revenue.

A lot of players who can play in high school and College as the core of their tactics, and when they enter the NBA, there will be quite one of them

Some of them are professionalized by the uniform team, with titles like 3D, defensive blue collar or full-time pitcher.

So, it’s not easy to be famous in NBA. If you want to be yourself in NBA, you can do what you want

What we want to do is a privilege that only a few people can enjoy.

From this point of view, Adebayor is definitely lucky in the NBA today.

If you put the timeline back before the 2017 draft conference, what you can hear about him is probably like this:

He has excellent arm extension and movement ability, close to the end of the basket is not bad, has a strong second rebound, in the front court rebounding competition

There is an excellent demonstration of ability. But at the same time, he has some obvious problems. There are too many jump shots and bad selection, no matter the face basket

Adebayor often shows a lack of skill, poor coping ability, low assist rate and low error rate

On the high side, lacking the ability to exist on the field as the axis of attack. In short, there is potential, but the overall performance is not reliable.

Why is quarterback called?

Because the earliest football formation was probably like this. It’s called t-formation. In this formation, the last one is called fullback – the two people who stand a little bit ahead of FB are called half back – half last. (LH and Rh mean left half and right half respectively) the two people in front of HB are called quarterback – “quarter last”. That’s the name.

In fact, as early as before t-formation came out, there was QB in the camp era. The defender at the back is called full back, and the position at the front is about half the distance between center and FB is called half back. Hb and center stand at half the distance is quarter back. QB at that time (in the era of single wind) had two main functions: 1. Calling the password (this is the same as the current QB); 2. Being a lead blocker or extra blocker (very similar to the current FB).

Is it up to the batter to play left or right?

-Generally, it is better to use the main eye.

There are many methods. The recommended one is to clench your hand and leave a small hole in the middle (as a single hole telescope). Don’t get too close to your eyes, and then look at a distant object from your palm. Close your eyes and see if you can see the object in the hole.

Other methods have the illusion of “this seems to be shifted” when switching left and right.

In addition, if the non main eye is used, it will hurt a little. For example, if the main eye of the right eye is hit right, there will be errors in judging the swing time and position.

If you forcibly turn your head and use the main eye to see, it is easy to cause incomplete force in the early movement of waist opening, and it really hurts.

At the beginning of the training, which side is which side to practice. On the one hand, the main vision is the one hand. I feel more metaphysical, For amateurs, the difference is not very obvious. Right (left)} right (left) handers are more common, because the hand on the top is used to control the trajectory of the bat, and the hand on the bottom is the driving hand. Intuitively, right-handed players will swing more forcefully when they hit left, and the speed of the bat is relatively fast, but the accuracy will be reduced. Dry goods will not be found. In the theory video of Xi Ganggang, two dozen players n years ago, that’s the truth. Then, the left hitting position is close to the first base, and the upper base can be faster, but it’s relatively impossible to throw a handsome stick after the Hao hit (because it’s possible to throw it on the route of running base).

Finally, after the 1990s, a large number of right handers and left handers emerged in Japan because the left player didn’t eat the horizontal change ball of the right hander (the most common curve ball of the slider is turned inward and can’t be reached), so the targeted training.

A good display makes your product marketing more efficient with less effort

According to the characteristics of the display frame, design the matching product promotion boutique display frame, plus the creative logo sign, so that the product can be displayed in front of the public, so as to increase the role of product publicity and advertising. The display rack can show the features of the product in all aspects; it has rich accessories, and each component can be recorded and installed in a variety of colors.

Scope of application

Display rack is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, cigarettes, wine, pharmacy, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, cultural supplies, automobile supplies, 4S Shop models, plastic products, cosmetics stores, factory product exhibition hall, sample room of foreign trade companies and other product displays can also be used in enterprise fairs, and can design multiple styles to make products show higher highlights.

Main types

  1. Display shelves can be divided into:

Floor type display stand, maglev display stand, desktop display stand, hanging display stand, special display stand, theme display stack, rotating display stand

  1. It can be divided into:

Paper display, metal display, plexiglass display, composite display. Titanium alloy display

  1. Display shelves can be divided into:

Exhibition display, clothing display, food display, lubricating oil display, information display, jewelry display, publicity display, cosmetics display, etc.

Why are NBA players not taking a big step back, but they are often very efficient?

The reason is very simple. If you are a player who can’t break through, when you take the ball, the defender will stick to you directly. Because NBA players have a huge threat of breakthrough, defenders should guard against both breakthrough and shooting. At this time, taking a backward step will make the defenders stunned while creating shooting space. And a backward step expert like DENGO often lowers his focus to make a breakthrough fake before retreating, and then retreats, or horizontally retreats and so on. Of course, there are many retreats Details of.

Visual illusion. Usually the stride is not small.

Look for any two backers, Hardon and Owen:

Both strides are about the same radius as the circle on the free throw line (free throw circle), and harden’s is longer – a little bit.

This is a circle with a radius of 1.83 meters (6 feet).

Hadden’s actual height is 1.96m and Owen is 1.88m (the exact figure required by the official before 2019).

Both of them are close to or over their height.

The distance between the top of the free throw circle and the top of the three-point arc is about 1.2 m, and the distance of Hadden’s retreat is almost the same, which is also 1.2 m left

Right, it seems to be a small step back.

The purpose of backstep is not to backstep far, or to create a chance to shoot / break / score the ball

The step back is usually close to his height, partial to the interior line or Durant, and it doesn’t need to be that big.

With their height, a little step back distance, let ordinary people do the range will appear particularly exaggerated.

So usually this kind of false image is not high or unpleasant, just find a constant value reference on the court.

Several kinds of technology and analysis of the mainstream of heat transfer personal dress

In the garment customization industry, for small batch customization, the commonly used printing processes are as follows:

  1. Heat transfer process

Light and water resistant, strong color fastness, can be exposed to sunlight for a long time, without deformation and color change, with very rich color expression, can be used for figure pictures (limited light color heat transfer), small text, letters, corporate logo and other high-definition, complex picture plans, dark color has 6-pixel stroke, light color has 12 pixel stroke, and won’t change the path of the original picture There are many processes and long time for heat transfer.

  1. Film technology

Any color can be realized. The color is bright, the pattern has high elasticity, can be stretched, the feel is soft, the surface is smooth, and the original image path will not be changed. Because each color of the film must correspond to a board, so the color of the film pattern will not be too much. Usually, the pattern with less than 3 colors is made. The monochrome film process has no edge tracing. The chromatic film has 2 pixel edge tracing. In addition Some special effect patterns, such as metal sense patterns such as gilding and silver stamping, and special patterns such as luminous, reflective and flash, are made by film technology.

Exploring the spiritual connotation of seeking source and asking questions

As early as a month ago, it was released on the website of Jiangxi Art Association: the notice that the invitation exhibition of Chinese oil painting works “seeking source and asking” jointly sponsored by China Academy of art, China Academy of art, Jiangxi Provincial Art Museum and Jiangxi Normal University Art College will be exhibited again in Jiangxi Provincial Art Museum from May 1 to May 9. Through poster publicity, we can see that the artists participating in the exhibition have strong lineup, high level and rich works. It is another top art exhibition in China since the completion of the new Jiangxi Art Museum. Although I am in Shanghai, the international metropolis has unique art exhibitions and activities very frequently, but it is rare for me to display the works of many domestic oil painters on a large scale at one time. This is a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

Although my son and daughter-in-law have been very busy with their work recently, they are still able to understand my eagerness to go home to watch the exhibition and book train tickets early. I arrived in Nanchang on May 6, and hurriedly dealt with the urgent matters at hand. The day before the closing of the exhibition, I rushed to Jiangxi art museum to watch the exhibition. Although the exhibition is near the end, there are still many visitors. There are not only local artists, students and citizens, but also many oil painting enthusiasts from all over the country.

Do terminators in MLB have to pitch every game, or do they have the same rotation as starters?

Do terminators in MLB have to pitch every game, or do they have the same rotation as starters?

As for the terminator, there is a number called “rescue success (number)”. In English, it is called “saves”. This number can be generalized as follows: when the terminator comes on the court, the team takes the lead and the difference between the scores is no more than 3 points. If the Terminator goes to the end of the game and wins, then the rescue success will be achieved at one time; or if the team takes the lead and the score is more than 3 points, the terminator must complete three games until the end of the game Only when th

e game is over and the victory is kept can a rescue be achieved. If the ball is less than three sets, it will not be counted into any value. If the score is very different and leads many points, there is no need for the terminator.

If the other side is 0, according to the pitcher’s state at this time, the first pitcher may be allowed to throw nine innings in order to get a completion (SHO). If there is hope to get a no hit or full game, it will not change the starting pitcher. If the score does not exceed three points, then the eighth or ninth innings will bring the terminator on the court, keep the score, and win a rescue. If the score is behind, in fact, there is not much need to replace the terminator, unless the repeater pitcher is not good. Why value values so much? Because of the vast number of baseball games, people will only remember the shocking performance of a few games. At the end of a few seasons, everyone talked about “data” one by one. There is only one “rescue success” value in the evaluation of the terminator. No one will care about his era, his strikeouts, which are all the things that are compared among the first pitchers. Therefore, since the pitcher has made a “rescue success”, otherwise his physical strength will be wasted. The next time he needs help, it will not be over.