Manchester United are competing for Sancho. Is there a play?

Dortmund’s current business model is more and more close to the top “black shops”, which determines that it is only a matter of time before Sancho leaves the team. At the beginning, Sancho was signed to scratch the lottery. After winning the lottery, the next step is cash out.

The talent of 20-year-old Sancho is obvious. The future is also the account book of England. Dortmund’s previous plan is very clear. Sancho’s value has been played out. In the summer of 2020, when his value is maximized, take this opportunity to make a decisive move, not only do not need to discuss a high salary renewal with Sancho’s team, but also cash out at a high point to make a perfect move. Sancho is also very clear that the transfer window last summer there was a rumor back to the Premier League, and finally came out to stay for another season, now it is time to cash in.

It has always been said that for Sancho’s personal career planning, it may be better to stay in Dortmund for another year or two, continue to improve and become a more perfect player.

In fact, it’s not necessarily true that Sancho will return to the Premier League sooner or later. There’s no reason for him to fight outside all the time. How easy it is for him to earn a lot of money in the Premier League. With the British media’s enthusiasm for hukou, returning to the Premier League is the son of heaven. Since we have to go back sooner or later, it depends on how we choose. In the turbulent times of the Premier League, except for Liverpool, all the traditional strong teams need to be rebuilt. Even Liverpool are willing to try to grab Sancho. With more alternative families, the buyer’s market becomes the seller’s market. When Sancho holds the initiative, he can talk about a contract with a high salary and a long contract, and can also lock in the core position in the future, Why not?

I’m still tired of going away

As mentioned above, the first element of brand communication is the repetition of information. We all know the memory curve of people. There is no doubt that the repetition of information is important to memory, but plot advertising can not make the repetition of information more pleasant.

Not to mention that the time is too long, the theme elements are too complex and scattered, even if the story ads are attractive again, the user will lose the freshness after watching them once, and it is difficult to have the motivation to watch them again. Just like watching a movie, no matter how good the shooting quality is, few people will brush twice or three times.

It’s a false proposition for users to watch story ads repeatedly, so forced repetition still can’t solve the problem of users’ psychological resistance, after all, a large number of good-looking stories will make users tired.

In today’s rough advertising, 10 seconds can repeat more than ten brand slogans, and the efficiency of information transmission is unmatched by story advertising. Advertising has changed from linear to ghost.

Remember the content but forget the brand

It’s very difficult for the advertisement content to be communicable, but there is still a problem in the story advertisement, and it’s easy for users to forget the brand.

Because in the story advertising, the brand hopes to impress the users and convey the brand spirit and values through the story, but the focus is still the story itself, followed by the brand exposure. Like movies, the point must be the story itself, not the idea behind it.

Seven things you should know about Zara the Bear King!

After winning the Stanley Cup with the Boston brown bears in 2011, Zara took the Stanley Cup back to his hometown of trenchen and put it on the mantelpiece with his 2009 James Norris trophy (best defender of the season). While winning the 2011 Stanley Cup, Zara also won the regular season’s best Leadership Award (Mark Messier Award). In addition, in the 2010-2011 season, as a guard, Zara has two other data in the league, that is, the efficiency value (net winning goal) + 33 in the regular season and the efficiency value (net winning goal) + 16 in the playoffs.

In addition, Zara is also the record holder of the NHL all star skill competition. In the 2012 all star skill competition, he left a record of 175.1 km / h (108.8 mph) ball speed.


What is not known is that Zara is also a cycling enthusiast. He has made cycling part of his training program and has competed in part of the tour de France many times. “We usually choose the Alps or the Pyrenees,” Charlie said in an interview with cycling magazine. “Everyone rides at the foot of the mountain, waiting for a professional racer. I’ve always been one of those people who like to race with their riders and chase them to the top of the mountain. I like the feeling of chasing them to the top of the mountain! “You can imagine, in the uphill part of the tour de France, Zara chanted” go up! “! Come on! ” The picture of.

Introduction of heat transfer printing proces

The main process of transfer printing:

First, the ticket is printed and the pattern is separated by computer;

Then, through the high-precision MDC electric engraving machine made in Switzerland, the first-class quality transfer printing plate roller (gravure) is precisely carved. By using the electronic engraving plate roller and ink, the pattern is printed on the special paper, that is, the image processing of heat transfer printing paper. After a certain time, temperature and pressure control, the pattern is printed on the cloth; Finally, the use of printed fabric sewn into a variety of exquisite home textile products, clothing, tourism supplies, etc., into thousands of homes decorated to beautify people’s lives!

How to transfer printing?

  1. Sublimation

This is the most commonly used method. Using the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, the ink is made of disperse dyes with molecular weight of 250-400 and particle diameter of 0.2-2

In the history of NBA, there is no second champion. It’s as hard as you

There is such an NBA team.

They won the championship the year before, but their third scorer scored only 754 points in the regular season.

That is to say, the team’s score depends on two leaders.

And the 32-year-old second in charge still has a waist injury, and is making trouble, planning to leave.

The starting line-up, two 35 year olds, a 37 year old striker, plus two 30-year-olds.

The best two youngsters on the bench are the 20 pick strikers who didn’t come out in any way.

Scores in the first series of competitions in the season: 85, 94, 87 (87 points in double overtime!)

If Malone snatched two championships from Jordan, can he compete for the first place?

Personal opinion: Yes.

Malone is already in the history of the first power forward in the finals, but Duncan’s voice is higher than him.

Also played 19 seasons, the postman played 84 games more than stupidity. The average score of postman is significantly higher than that of stupidity. The average score of regular field is more than 6 points. The average score of postseason is more than 4 points, and the total score is nearly 10000 points higher than that of large scale. The difference of rebounds is not big, and the average stupidity is about half of the field, and the total number is slightly higher than that of assistant postman. The average score of assistant postman is more than half of the field, and the total number is nearly 1000. The postman is good at breaking, stupidity focuses on covering, and the overall data is stupidity dominant It’s better than the postman to stick around and make mistakes. So simply sum up from career data (rounding and erasing for comparison): Malone: 36000 + 15000 + 5000 + 2000 + 1000 Duncan: 26000 + 15000 + 4000 + 1000 + 3000 Malone’s “10000 points + 1000 assists + 1000 steals” vs Duncan’s “2000 covers”. I personally choose Malone.

MVP is even; the postman can’t have fmvp without a ring, so he has a big advantage of stupidity; the total number of stupidity in the first, second and third battle is more than twice, and the postman is more than once, I think the two sides are basically the same; the absolute advantage of anti stupidity in the battle; the best postman in the week and month is less than one, MVP ranks stupidity less than the top 10 and 2 times, and the postman inside and outside takes a little advantage; from the efficiency values, it can be seen that Ma Longqiang is good at defending, which also conforms to the requirements of Duncan Personal data performance; the last WS, Marlon’s fourth, Duncan’s seventh, belongs to the top ten on the whole, take a closer look at the top five and top ten.