NBA is a small society

Let’s talk about this, er, Paul’s fine. The agent, Paul, is overweight and fined. For example, we didn’t receive it last time. Let’s talk about it again on this program, hoping that the fans can enjoy it. Put more energy on the game. If you can understand the game, let’s first say, right? There are too many other things. NBA is a small society. You know what you know, and you don’t know if you don’t know. Labor agreement and player contract are the things that I don’t understand the most, because they are too professional. We, domestic, all the people are, reprint is back-to-back, are, foreign language translation, and then only your translation software is good or bad, English is good or bad, I don’t believe ah, a person in China, you can understand foreign slang every day the new vocabulary changes, this is bullshit.

It’s all bullshit. We now, every year we appear on the Internet. You can see how many words we have in China. There are only, how many, many, many, twitter and instagram that you can’t understand. People use slang and some simple words, er, this, this, this, er abbreviation. You don’t know what you don’t know. So these bragging, stupid discount, bragging, articles, long writing, much better writing, if you analyze the tactical analysis, routine players, play this thing

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General manager

Ladenway has more than 200 million contracts. Now look at these, you remember, now these are more than 200 million contracts, right? Well, let’s go over and say it. Even as for the conflict between the bottom of Ross clause and rookie clause, the bottom of rookie clause is not under consideration. As we said, it’s very unlikely that Celtic team will get Anthony Davis, but some of them can be shared. Why can’t they co-exist? Right? General manager, it’s just that you should think of this way to do the food. It’s just that sometimes it’s ugly. You can trade a little bit. In the past, it’s not enough to buy materials back. It’s so difficult, it’s just. It’s ugly, isn’t it? If you really do this, you’ll be scolded. Next year, the labor and labor agreement will not allow you to do this. Are you right? Among the gentlemen, they don’t do this kind of thing. How many people are willing to take the world’s criticism, right? Abba Owen deals with Antony Davis, I trade with me.

Don’t, don’t, give Anthony Davis 30 million dollars. Jerome brontato is trading, right

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Kara and Bolden in turn

If you don’t have the ability, you can’t make a fool of yourself if you don’t have the ability. It’s not normal. It must be recognized by the coach and the medical team. Right? So many games have been played. It has been played three times. How much time do I have to give you 30 more factories? Is it enough to play the playoffs and win the championship? Sometimes, how can I trust you to give those things to you? Ah, the fans also said that today, some people rowed this, er, Muzi, Kara and Bolden in turn. I think it’s normal that the consumption of koshins is normal. What’s strange about that? The other side, the blue collar, doesn’t do this. Even the 76ers, Celtics, 76ers, ah, the warriors do this too. They use their own basketball leaders to consume the opposite players, superstars. This is a very normal thing, every game is like this, playing very strange, on the top of the counter is now 22 10, you 25 + 20 burst your kausins every point, every point of Nb is his own, every point of kausins is his own, every rebound is his own pick.

Is it someone else’s gift to him? In this game, Nb has to play with the skill of an outside player, so kaoxins will be defeated. Although the shooting rate is not high, although we say that the shooting rate is not high, this is a tragic game, but you can’t, just say that koshins is stronger than none. You, on the other hand, can’t stand the scrutiny. Let me take an example. When Peyton defended Jordan in the finals, he stopped Jordan from defending Jordan to 40% on the way. Jordan’s 49% shooting rate in his career and Jordan’s 40% shooting rate in his career, you can imagine that Peyton did. Welfare, but can you say that Peyton is better than Jordan

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Master model!

The Spurs can’t afford so much money, so Kutz.

After Kram came, he would still ask for a big contract for Mazda in two days. The so-called key interest, so he put the possibility of retaining these young players very low, and his attitude was very low. He knew that. I can’t see. Then don’t do too much and try hard. Ah, I think this is also a person who knows the current affairs. So you can see, what kind of players the Spurs won in 7788 after so many years? These young players are not willing to play for the Spurs, and they are not willing to stay. I think the Spurs are more normal because of the market or in other words. The Spurs, ah, he won’t give you a big salary. So, er, they’re less likely to take it down and keep them. It’s very low that they don’t want Ingram pants? It may be one of the important reasons. NIMA has been these players for so many years. Consumption control or these players are played to the extreme energy by Popovich, ah, listen, don’t go back, now young players, ah, have their own ideas, their opinions are difficult to be controlled by the team, ah, I don’t want to play for you.

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Owen Antony Davis must stay

It’s not enough to play with Anthony Davis. Owen Antony Davis must stay. Ah, ah, I’m so tired. Oh, I’m so tired. Ah, let’s talk about the rockets again. This operation, ah, and its exquisite sending away. Knight’s garbage contract is really the price of the garbage contract. We, in exchange for each other, think it can be like a model contract. I don’t know how much time there is. Ah, if it’s one year, it won’t stay next year. Ah, it’s very responsible to say that if it’s due this year, it won’t be able to stay next year. The contract, value, basically, should be left to Ke Deng.

At present, it seems that Gordon is no longer possible to leave the Rockets. The probability of leaving the Rockets is very, very small. Less than 10% of the time, the Rockets’ lineup this year has been basically determined. Ah, basically, it has been determined, that is, harden Paul Gordon, three guards and three risks. Well, FERIO’s, ah, tuck’s hometown, bute, substitute Gerrard green, is called Capella. This is a set of main lineup, ah structure, replacement rotation, let’s not say, he’s in good shape anyway, who can play this set of lineups, play ah, no problem, play a western finals. I think it’s a, er, the necessary condition is also a foundation. What about your lineup? If you don’t play in the western finals, I feel sorry for the audience. OK, but it’s the same sentence. Don’t touch the thunder and the Lakers in the first round. Thunder and the Lakers are half and half

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The warrior Dynasty of Dooku!

hen, every 10 years, there will be 10 champions, every 20 years, these champions will be apportioned to the then basketball players and basketball stars, even if there is no library, it may be a tension completely forgotten, it will also come out, it will also be apportioned to some champions. For these, champions, quality, ah, we still need to have an in-depth discussion, that is, whether you reached a dominant position at that time, and how big the gap between you and the following, right? This represents how much ability you have in this era. This is true. It can’t be forged. Ah, let’s say that in Jordan’s era, you can go and see how the two teams played in the finals in 9798. Ah, I can be very responsible to say that this warrior was put in 1996-98. In 1971, when you were going to fight with the warriors, the bulls, and the jazz, you had to be beaten up. You were crippled, you were ruined, your career was annulled. Ah, look at the finals of ’98, Karl Malone and.

This, this, Rodman, how to play ball, what kind of physical quality is Karl Malone? Rodman’s arm was almost broken by Karl Malone

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Stay away from them!

Just like Wade is now, it’s as bad as it is. Where are those kochies? Are they all dead? Ah, James is also a professional. How long can he play? Three years, four years, or five years? Ah, in a twinkling of an eye, James’s career has passed 20 years of glory. When he retires, you should know that he is a real basketball great.

Basketball, player, you can’t obliterate his outstanding contribution to basketball by means of blackness. If you, as a teenager, have this kind of slander or disapproval of James, I can understand that, but if you are a teenager, you have this kind of slander or disapproval of James. Basketball fans in their 20s and 30s, who have watched the ball for more than ten years, you still have this kind of evaluation on James. You can only say that envy and jealousy generate hatred. Understand this truth? Many NBA, star players, and stars playing in CBA all have small fans like this. Ah, Owen is the fans of Kobe, ah, the fans of Kobe. I remember, ah, Owen was in a training session, and he was in a training session. At that time, Owen was very young, of course, he was not old now. He wanted to challenge Kobe’s position. To challenge Kobe, Owen was young and vigorous at that time. Of course, his technique was not as good as he is now. Ah, but he is a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. He is also a fan of Kobe. If he wants to challenge Kobe, he refuses his challenge in a word

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Rocket let go!

History, is not, tube, you are, who are the players? With these players, young players have grown up to become All-Star accurate star players. Turn over history and say, James took that young Laker team in those years, except who, who, who, who and who. These young players are, very well grounded, but James has no ability to lead. Right? So all these games must be won, and they must be in the playoffs. This is very, very important, and the power will be opened. Let’s say, well, ah, this drag will also drag the Lakers into the playoffs. They play very well, oh, very good-looking. I saw James, Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang and tears in the end. Sweat or tears, ah, interested friends can go to have a look, oh, front, has been lagging behind, almost sentenced, ah, this season can not play the playoffs, almost declared that this game is very important, so short of a game or two to win the Laker, the Lakers, the Rockets all play.

Kabela also, on, all the staff, in this case, the Lakers can win, the Rockets, this take a reassurance, played a foundation to prove that the strength of the Lakers is, the strength of the playoffs, after the game can not be wrong, especially for these young players, ah, the key moment you see James and Rondo control the whole court.

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Big radio is a chicken soup type coach

The season has been verified last season. It’s important to look at how to defend and defend. As we said before, the rockets and the Lakers should hire a defense coach. They should really hire a defense coach. How can they lead the team? How to improve their defense? Female players have this. This kind of talent defense is a mess. Either it doesn’t work hard or there’s no expert’s advice. It’s so simple, ah, including Wharton now. We’ve also said that the handsome position is worried. We said before the trading deadline before the all star game. Wharton needs. Careful ah, to clamp the tail of a man, very likely to be killed, very likely to be directly to you, ah, this Shuai Wei will be cut off. At present, it seems that such a coach does not have the ability to lead the team. This coaching level is worrying. Just such a level is a big trumpet. Big radio is a chicken soup type coach. It’s rubbish. There’s no real material. It’s still necessary. Even if some defense coaches are invited, you don’t need to grasp them with defense. Otherwise, it’s OK to bring James and other players into the palace. Kuzma and Ingram’s singles level are also defensive.

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Middleton to head to the back

How powerful are the big brands? How many fans are there? But these players are very, very easy to use. They do great things with a very small salary. They contribute a lot to the team, such as millotic. These players with unique potential and unique functions can take them out as few as possible in the league. You can have a look at it. It’s very rare. This thing is precious and valuable. What’s the meaning of rarity? It doesn’t mean that less is valuable, but.

The reason is that it is valuable, not because it is expensive if it is less, but because it is valuable not only because it is valuable, but also because of its rarity. When the 7th seacam of the United States was one of these players, we enjoyed it. Today we played the starting line, hum, he, this, this and this. Er, how to say? Well, does the blog squat down, is it right for Middleton to head to the back, the letter song, the guard, the double back, the hiccup, Roddick, the forward, the No. 4 position, the Lopez, the No. 5 line-up, I feel it. Ah, the height is terrible. It’s a bit like the staffing structure of traditional basketball. Ah, the letter personality is not counted. I feel that it is configured like this

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