There are a lot of guards in Brown’s basketball net

There are a lot of guards in Brown’s basketball net. I feel like Eminem said that there will be follow-up actions. Yes, they have Owen waddleville, Vette and brawn Cavaliers. There are only five guards in the back field. In fact, Harris can play the second position, including this temple.

Chen Pu, in fact, he can also play the second position guard, so their backcourt line is very, very crowded. Don’t forget, the nets and the playoffs are very good. Fan those big God TL C French boy Eminem, your French opportunity has come again. He really needs to have a big action with the net.

Well, this big move, in fact, is also probably the most heard, and this is the most important deal in the off-season, that is, James Harden, who has been constantly rumored with the nets and has been clearly stated in the modern team that he can’t go on.

The rumor about harden’s joining the nets has been spreading for nearly a week. The specific nets have given out who sold the chips. In fact, there is no final conclusion now. It is reported that the nets are willing to give out lewell dingweidi and Allen in exchange for Hadd in the future, which means Hadd.

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This is a pit for the Bucks, and I think the letter brother is very depressed now

This is a little too careful. If you want to be bad, you are right. This has made the Bucks pit, and it is estimated that the letter brother is also very depressed. Then, I would like to add that the key point is that this transaction seems to be impossible now. That is, the Bucks announced this afternoon that they would cut off the Yili compressed version, which was originally used in this transaction.

That’s the bear deer. This may also indicate that they have given up the pursuit of Bogdanovic. Then what kind of action will the Bucks take to further strengthen his lineup in the off-season? This is worth our attention. One of the reasons is that if the Bucks enter the NBA.

In the final, she will face the defending NBA title this year. The champion Los Angeles Lakers have already completed a deal before the Bucks, that is, the Lakers and the thunder have reached a deal for their own Denny green and the first round draft in 2020.

I gave it to thunder and got their sixth man Schroeder from thunder. If this deal can be more controversial than this one, I think the three of us should be very consistent in their ideas about this deal. I think we will all think it is a win-win deal.

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He can do it. Kobe wants to be the center of attention

And Italy is Han, Italy’s hot land, and it has become a refuge after the failure of his U.S. career. People’s reactions to his playing style, external force and charm are different. How do they pursue my father’s unique style? Kobe once told me.

Now I think of these words, but I have to admit that the discount is really very cool. I am a hole, so it can be reproduced all the time for sports, the head coach of the Sports Federation. He saw the same strong enthusiasm in this child.

He could play, and Kobe wanted to be the focus of attention. He was in the middle of the course when he was a kid, and her legend went out of the way. People noticed that he knew how to attract people’s attention that summer.

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There are so many goals I want to achieve

There were so many goals I wanted to achieve, and he was right. A few minutes later, he forgot that we had a relaxed and profound conversation in the dressing room. The performance affected the slam dunk contest. The hot dream is now burning even more. This is the Laker.

The lad who couldn’t make it to the starting line-up of the All-Star team, that is, the Los Angeles team suffered a lot in the 19961999 season. Owner jeribati decided to make a mess of this set of empty and talented lineups.

Since then, Kobe was so lonely, lonely and frustrated that he lost in his third season, when she was just over 20 years old, and I wanted to be the Savior. I don’t know about the desire to be a top player, I just want to fulfill this dream now, but I have to find a way to do it later, no matter how ridiculous the revolutionary goal looked at that time, in his career in 2016.

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