A team full of talent that may be in trouble

However, the space is becoming more and more urgent. I think this point has brown’s problem and the uniform group’s problem. But that’s why they, hardworking Reeves, I think Reeves is very good at picking up a team that may be full of talent in a difficult situation, and bring it back on track, such as the Clippers before.

Before, he, as a Celtic, was still very good at this kind of hand cards. There were emperor, CD, hofford and Harris. The following is really to see how she used these cards, how the earth and CD are compatible, whether Hoffer is playing as a backup center or a power forward, and whether Simmons wants to play power forward again. How big is the local strategy or how many three-point shots are the local tactics.

In fact, I think for rivers, his moves should be much more than brown before this. I think the polyps team has nothing to do with reconstruction. We can’t judge the team after the fact by looking at the performance of last season and judging that this team needs to be rebuilt. Think about it.

Their general manager, they, that management, including their whole team, signed a big contract, and hofford signed a big contract, Harris. He didn’t want to rebuild him, but he really went to win the championship. Although he didn’t play well last season, I think there are many factors that cause it.

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His biggest disadvantage is that he has no previous coaching experience

It is undeniable that there were some disadvantages at that time, and I very much agree with both of them that his biggest disadvantage was that he did not have any coaching experience before. Even as an assistant coach of this team, he had never been the consultant of warriors at that time, right? But the responsibilities of the consultant, the coach and even the assistant coach were not so good A lot, so I agree with that.

That is, whether we can learn how to be a qualified head coach in a short period of time is really what we all care about. But for the management of the team’s dressing room, is it the best candidate at that time? In fact, I think that he may really be the best person to choose, and the two also talked about Durant and.

Owen’s two are sensitive boys, right? There are a lot of conspiracy theories, right? It’s easy to do things, right? But at that time, Durant knew that he had a personal friend and was a good friend, so at least one of the two sensitive parts was settled, that is, as long as.

Focus, focus, and take care of Owen. This problem is relatively easy to solve. At that time, the ball was also ha. It should be famous in the league. This is called pine land, which is known by all kinds of people on the island, right? It’s also very good. That’s what I wrote here.

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