The NBA Finals just finished and the championship of the Lakers

In the past, this season has gone through a very long journey, and there are also many stories. The end of the story can also be said to draw a perfect end to this special season. Today, let’s talk about the NBA Finals just ended and the championship of the Lakers.

No, for every player in the team and even for the league, the end of the finals also means the end of the season. We will also talk with you about some prospects for the future of the off-season. Just now, this season is a long one. Indeed, many fans are just like us.

Well, at the beginning of the season, it was expected that the Lakers would win the championship and James would be elected MVP. But I don’t think anyone thought that the process was so tortuous and bizarre. The final result might be the same as some fans expected, but it was the process.

It’s really wonderful. In fact, not only from the perspective of the whole season, we will talk about the summary of this season, but also from the last few games of the finals, the plot has experienced twists and turns. The last program, we were after three games in the finals, that is, the Lakers.

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The magician and the management also had a very big conflict

Ingram also found out that there was a thrombus problem. You know, the most important thing was that the general manager, the magician and the management of the team also had a very big conflict. When the twitter incident occurred, the magician felt that the management of the Laker, the boss of the Laker was stabbing him in the back.

Basically, it can be said that this Laker in the post Kobe era is basically in the lowest state. James feels that Lao Zhang can’t bring an alarm clock when he comes, but the team seems to be too happy to bring it. Or is Lao Zhang injured? For the first time, after playing in the finals for so many years, he missed the playoffs for the first time after playing in the finals for eight years.

About a lot of fans, it’s very, very despairing. It’s also very angry. To be honest, last year’s James, together with the good lineups of the fourth and fifth young masters of the Lakers, can’t find his own sense of self-identity. I don’t know whether to play mainly in defense or attack or defeat in attack.

Ah, good or just good is a state without a rhythm, but only 18 months later, and also because of the epidemic, this delayed the timeline. In fact, one year later, I suddenly stood at the top of the NBA again. This change in my year is also very important.

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