The data of 20 points plus 10 rebounds is an excellent inside line

The college entrance examination is meaningless, isn’t it? If you don’t work hard, what does it mean that you didn’t get into the exam? If you work hard, what does it mean that you got into the exam? Well, let’s talk about weishao triple double, 10 rebounds, 20 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists. Let’s not talk about 10 points first.

It’s normal for you to get 10 points as the main player in the team’s main lineup. Right? 20 plus 10 is an excellent inside line. The data of 10 rebounds is an excellent inside line. The data of 20 points plus 10 rebounds is an excellent inside line.

An excellent type of data, ah, 25 points plus 11, 2, 10, 23 rebounds, is the data of super first-class center, ah, first-class center, data, let’s see how many rebounds has in his career, how many points he has, I’ll give you 20 points, 9.9 versions, 10 versions. I didn’t get 10. I didn’t get 10. I’ll tell you. If I remember this wrong, I’ll be beaten in the face. Right? What’s the concept of three pairs taking 10 boards, 10 boards and 10 assists? Go and have a look. The king of assists may take 12 and 13, so you can take 10 assists.

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If Durant wins the championship and gets the f MVP

In the future, this is the upper limit. I think it’s still difficult for James to succeed. Er, I think it’s possible for James to get the first person in the League after the dissolution of the letter brother Kunbo.

Of course. Ah, if Durant wins the championship and gets the f MVP, then it’s OK to do it for a few years and then give it to such a bundle. So, ah, this game, playing like this, playing like this, ah, coach Brett brown, there’s still a problem. There’s still a problem.

This kind of game can’t go to the Boban. How can you go to the Bo class? The key is what you want to pursue. The problem is what you want to pursue. The outside shooter, the nets, who shot 11 of 25, hit 42% of the three-point shooting rate of 4 times 2, and the whole team hit 4 times 2. Instead of individual players, the whole team is 4 times 2, and the whole team of the n76ers has three free shots in 25. Ah, from three or from five, there is only a three-point shooting rate of more than 20%.

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It’s an open letter

As for the piston team, when it comes to the Bucks, it’s just a little bit of resistance. Let’s talk about it. Well, when it comes to resistance, a lot of bucks fans look down on it. They don’t look good.

They don’t look good on the bucks. Well, I think this, how to say it. We feel very aggrieved, that is, we feel sympathy for the bucks. She is aggrieved, and we feel sympathy for him. Right? As we said, there are 12 in the East and West departments. The probability of turning him over is very low, especially. It’s only a few times in the past 20 years that you pinch your fingers to calculate. It’s just a very, very small probability event.

It can’t be enough. It’s beating your chest. It’s the last name. It’s an open letter. I just told you, bucks, was overturned, was overturned by the piston, right? You can’t say that unless you have full confidence, but anyone who can see through the possibility of black seven black pull, right? I can say that he is a great God level figure, even if you guess, because automatic guess is OK, right.

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He exercises earlier than they do

X31 is too young, so it recovers quickly. It’s wrong. Oh, he thinks that after so many years, Lao Jiao is 33 years old and 34 years old. Well, they can’t recover from Achilles tendon rupture. Suddenly, when he is young, he recovers at the age of 31, and then follows them at the age of 31. He exercises earlier than they do, and recovers faster than they do. This idea is all wrong.

When a person is 28 years old, his body and function begin to move downward. He doesn’t mean that he is only 23 years old and 24 years old, and his Achilles tendon is broken. The recovery of clock out is faster than that of 31 years old, which we admit. But from one point of view, from another point of view. He’s 31 years old and his Achilles tendon is broken, which means his tolerance is worse than others, right? He’s 24 years old and 23 years old.

His Achilles tendon is broken. Well, first of all, his ability is worse. Now we’re not talking about recovery. It’s about the system of his players. His physique is like this. His physique tolerance is poor, so at this stage of his career, a little bit of Achilles tendon in his early 30s encountered a major injury. Oh, you are studying medicine.

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In the case of losing the first choice of the New York Knicks

Combat effectiveness, or make some All-Star players, so as time goes on, the New York Knicks now, ah, still recognize and value the third line, right? It shows that New York has changed and retreated in dealing with the issue of Durant’s commercial contract. You know, the situation in New York is in a dilemma, but some fans still want Durant to join New York, so the problem comes. Now if there is no Durant, Owen will go to the Knicks in New York, which is a sharp end to the situation in Europe. In the case of losing the first choice of the New York Knicks, a lot of information has pointed out that Owen may go, Wang Lan nets. I think this is also a relatively correct and reasonable choice. New York is losing money now. Where to eat stew? It’s ahead of time. Lu Yizhi has cleared a lot of space since February this year. He is ready for the big two and big three to happen. So far, his salary structure has serious problems. Now New York is destitute and has nothing, but there are a lot of New York nets.

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